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Houston YMCA Utilizes EZStub Online Pay Stubs To Streamline Costs and Improve Service Delivery

Faced with an economy that cuts into  fund-raising, employment, and membership, YMCAs around the country are looking for ways to streamline their services and cuts costs. The YMCA of the Greater Houston Area found one such answer with the EZStub online pay stubs, designed by National Payment of Tampa, Florida.

“Like other YMCAs around the country, we were looking for ways to save money and go paperless,” says Scott Rockenstein, Director of IT at the Greater Houston YMCA. “Delivering pay stubs to more than 5,000 employees located in more than 40 centers throughout Houston and the surrounding counties was a pain-staking task. With direct deposit, less than 50% of the employees were actually picking up their paper pay stubs, resulting in abandoned pay statements.

The sensitivity of the information on each pay stubs meant that the YMCA had to find a better way. We found the better way when we implemented EZStub.” EZStub online pay stubs allows workers to review their pay information through the receipt of text messages or via online access. “This saves printing, distribution, and courier charges,” Rockenstein explains. “Now, our employees can better focus on addressing our real mission – serving our members and community, rather than wasting time circulating pay stubs.”

“Often, when implementing a new system, it is met with employee apprehension. But, not with EZStub.” Rockenstein says. “Older as well as younger YMCA staff quickly understood EZStub, and the integration into our existing system was simply seamless. The staff at NatPay took our files and integrated them flawlessly.” Greater Houston YMCA also took advantage of EZStub’s parent system Doculivery during a special promotion for online W-2 storage and access. More than 8,000 W-2 statements will be stored free in the same user-friendly system where their EZStub online pay stubs reside.

“This system allows for specific user names and password options,” says Jim Hagen, Vice President of Sales at NatPay. “Payroll administrators save more time because employees can obtain current and past pay stub information with EZStub’s online self-serve features.”

Electronic document solutions like EZStub are streamlining processes, and reducing the cost of printing and delivering paper. Moreover, like the YMCA, as demand for cost-effective paperless solutions rises, implementing a few good programs like EZStub will undoubtedly improve bottom-line health quickly and easily.

What is EZStub?
EZStub is an electronic pay stub component of the Doculivery online document management system. Features include 24/7 online access, unique user IDs and passwords, multiple delivery and notification options, plus robust security. Administrators even have customizable tools to manage user accounts, passwords, and security levels.

About NatPay

NatPay is one of the nation’s largest independent direct deposit providers. NatPay provides payroll and other paperless distribution solutions to thousands of customers across the nation, in every industry, and in every state. NatPay is bonded through two major insurance carriers and uses a third-party accounting firm to perform an annual audit of its records. Although NatPay processes over $7 billion dollars of customer funds each year, it maintains an accuracy record of 100%. NatPay prides itself on the fact that it has never lost a cent of its customers’ money.

About YMCA Houston
Through its 120-year history, the YMCA of the Greater Houston Area has been a place where people can find hope, fellowship, and healing. The YMCA has stayed true to its mission, values, and purpose of helping persons grow in spirit, mind, and body. With more than 40 centers and over 300 program locations serving eleven counties, the YMCA of the Greater Houston Area builds strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.