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Buyers Beware: Not All ACH Solutions Are Created Equal

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When deciding on secure ACH solutions for your business, some tools are stronger than others. Secure your digital payments and documents with NatPay.

While the internet has given us the gift of conducting many of our daily transactions digitally, the security of automated clearing house (ACH) transactions should not be taken for granted. After all, the management of business transactions, paychecks, electronic wires, and digital documents is a critical part of your business operations. With the wrong tools, your company’s financial status can quickly descend into chaos. You need to find ACH solutions that stand out from the crowd, and safeguard your systems with only the best.

For example, NatPay has been a leader in ACH and digital document distribution for 30 years. The company launched in 1991 with a goal to spearhead the efficiency of direct deposit for employee payroll. As technology developed, NatPay sprinted alongside it. In 2000, they launched the first electronic paystub, branded EZStub.

In 2007, they followed up with their software-as-a-service (SaaS) Doculivery suite of document service solutions. From e-invoicing to tax forms, paperless HR to online pay stubs, sending those important business documents has never been this efficient and secure.

NatPay is ready to prove that when it comes to ACH solutions and secure document distribution, some tools are stronger than others. With over 300,000 unique clients nationwide, NatPay is a solution you can trust to secure your payment processes, every step of the way.

Payroll Direct Deposit

What really makes an ACH provider stand out from the pack of possible solutions? Thinking through the little details, so that you don’t have to. NatPay offers a variety of payroll direct deposit solutions, so you can decide which best accommodates your business model and employees.

Not much is more important than taking care of your employees, and that means ensuring pay goes out on time and accurately. NatPay has simplified this process for you. Showcasing some of the leading technology in direct deposit, this ACH Direct Deposit Plus solution is a simple, web-based system that takes the struggle out of payment processing. NatPay integrates seamlessly with your payroll software, processes and schedules payments on time, every time, sets payday reminders for employees, and minimizes hidden direct deposit bank fees. You can even select from a number of payment options, like pay cards, to better accommodate staff needs!

ACH Distribution

Of course, your business ACH transactions won’t end with payroll. In addition to direct deposit for employees, those who pair with NatPay can expect other valuable ACH distribution tools like tax payments, expense reimbursements, vendor payments, and more. NatPay’s same-day ACH payment options expedite processes faster than the normal time frame. When you need to send funds quickly, this ensures that the process is easy and accessible. NatPay also adheres carefully to NACHA guidelines, so you can be sure all your payments are in regulatory compliance without concern.

ACH transactions expedite processing times; they also save you money. The cost of printing just one check averages around $1.30. Once you add the cost of envelopes and mailing, printed checks are not just outdated—they are costly! NatPay’s simple and easy-to-use electronic payments end up saving you in business operational expenses.

Online Pay Stubs and Tax Forms

While NatPay specializes in ACH solutions, they also offer secure document distribution and management services. Ensuring assets like pay stubs and tax forms are securely managed, easy to send, and accurate is a top priority for any HR department.

With NatPay, document management and distribution have never been easier. Online pay stubs are yet another way to let your employees know you care. Easy access to digital pay stubs whenever they need them—and email and text notifications about new pay stubs—make a world of difference.

You can also count on safety and security when it comes to the storage of these important documents. Robust encryption and the most up-to-date security software ensure that employees can access pay stubs quickly and efficiently without the stress of information falling into the wrong hands.

Plus your tax forms get the same security treatment as pay stubs! NatPay makes it easy to save time and money when it comes to tax time with Doculivery. Upload, process, and electronically add data to tax forms in a flash. In fact, you can automate your entire yearly tax process! Talk about taking the stress out of tax season.

ach solutions
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Invoices, Statements, and Billing

The perks of Doculivery don’t end with pay stubs and taxes. NatPay’s services make going paperless a no-brainer with all aspects of your business operations.

The service simplifies invoicing, making it quick and easy to request payments and send online statements via secure email. This simplifies access to statements, reduces business mailing and shipping costs, and improves overall customer satisfaction.

Once invoices and statements have been received, NatPay extends the same easy-to-use solutions to billing processes as well. Click-to-Pay allows recipients to fulfill payments right away, via the same secure ACH system. All it takes (as the name implies) is the click of a button.

Lockbox expenses, printing, paper costs, and more—there are so many costs that come with paper billing. NatPay eliminates these costs by automating the process. As the world makes a wholesale shift to digital life, most vendors expect some sort of electronic payment option. With NatPay, you can count on quick, easy, and secure online payments that satisfy every customer and vendor.

ACH Solutions with NatPay

Next-level solutions and a passionate team of professionals have made NatPay a leader in the ACH processing industry. Businesses want tools that make operations simple, easy to use, and seamless. NatPay is here to deliver and has been for three decades.

NatPay builds payment solutions that can suit any business’s needs, no matter what sector. Serving clients ranging from retail to education, to healthcare, to government agencies, there’s an ACH solution ready for every industry. What are you waiting for?

Reach out to NatPay and level up your payment processes today!

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