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Alachua County Schools Expanding Employee Options with EZStub Electronic Pay Stubs

Tampa, FL (April 16, 2007) – Alachua County school employees will now have a choice – either continue receiving traditional paper pay stubs or view their pay information online by using National Payment Corporation’s EZStub electronic pay stub service.

“We want to offer employees an alternative to paper pay stubs, and we chose EZStub for its low cost,” said Scott Ward, Chief Financial Officer for Alachua County Public Schools in northern Florida.

Employers are always searching for cost-efficient ways to increase employee benefits, but public school systems also have to deal with limited resources as they combat school overcrowding and limited funding sources. Online pay stubs often solve the problem – for every employee that receives an online pay stub, the schools save money and time that was previously spent creating and distributing the paper version. National Payment’s “Keep More Money in Your Schools” program provides reduced pricing for schools as a further incentive.

EZStub users have online access to their pay stubs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they also receive an email or text message as each new pay stub becomes available. “Thirty-five percent of the 200 million cell phone users in this country are already using text messaging to communicate. Providing free payday text alerts to employees is just one more benefit that employers can offer,” according to National Payment’s Marketing Director, Mark R. Williams.

More information about EZStub online pay stubs is available by phone at 800-927-6120 or on the National Payment Corporation website at

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