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Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix Doculivery Case Study

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix (BGCMP) provides services to more than 32,250 boys and girls annually, operating a total of 12 clubhouses throughout the central and west area Valley, a full-service dental clinic, and outreach services.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix enables all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The BGCMP’s focus is to provide quality after-school programs, under the supervision of a professional staff that supplement and enhance their learning and nurturing environments. Like every other organization in these trying economic times, BGCMP was looking for ways to cut costs. One focus area to reduce costs was to start with payroll.

“Our main goal when looking for an alternative to issuing paper direct deposit pay stubs to our employees was to save costs,” says Andy Putman, Accounting Manager for BGCMP.

Other factors were key in searching for the ideal solution for their business problem. (i.e. security, file transfer, delivery options, user friendliness, roll out options, appearance of the pay stub, length of implementation, disaster recovery, cost, and financial stability of the vendor providing the service.

“We were concerned with online security, providing a user friendly system for our employees, implementation timeframes, and of course cost,” Putman remarked. “Ease of use was important because the easier a solution is to use, the more likely end users are to accept and support the change. Our current system can be somewhat inflexible at times, so integration support was key,” stated Putman.

One of the reasons why BGCMP chose Doculivery was security. When dealing with employees’ pay information, we wanted a trusted solution and NatPay’s system answered all of our concerns.

Flexibility was also very important because the more efficient and flexible a solution is, the less costly it is. Functionality was key because it leads to easier and greater acceptance by end users. Doculivery provided BGCMP a customized payroll solution quickly and easily with an integration time of only weeks rather than months as with other online document management solutions.

“We estimate that Doculivery will save us over $2,300 each year in postage, paper, envelopes, and staff time in stuffing and mailing envelopes. This savings will increase over time given rising postage costs,” Putman stated.

When asked how the employees adapted to their new online pay statement system, Putman remarked “We have received nothing but positive comments from our staff. The most frequent comment is how easy Doculivery is to use. The staff at NatPay was extremely helpful in setting up Doculivery. We had some glitches because of our software, but NatPay was able to handle them without delay.”

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