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CheckMark, Inc. launches Payroll Services Nationwide

Fort Collins, CO – September 12, 2011 – In a novel way to help small business in this difficult economy, CheckMark, Inc. is offering Free Payroll Service until 2012 for all new payroll service clients who sign a 12-month service agreement. The offer is limited to employers with fewer than 50 employees located in Colorado, California, or Texas.

New payroll service clients can choose between three levels of service depending on the employer’s needs: Pay & File Complete, Pay & File Pro, and Basic Payroll.

CheckMark Pay & File Complete is the most extensive service and includes, online reporting, payroll services, tax filing, direct deposit, and online HR Support Center access. Payroll services can be customized for wage-type, departments, deductions, and garnishments as needed.  The service also files and pays federal, state, and local taxes for the employer. CheckMark guarantees tax filings are accurate and on-time. Employees can be paid with overnighted checks or direct deposit through NatPay, the nation’s largest independent provider of payroll distribution solutions.

CheckMark offers a unique combination of personal service, professional review, and online convenience. Employers can submit payroll hours online and a CheckMark payroll specialist will review each payroll before releasing it to the client for final approval. Clients have the convenience of online data submission and online access to reports.

After each payroll, secure, online reports are created for quick access by employers.  CheckMark Pay & File Pro includes the same features as CheckMark Pay & File Complete, except it does not include the online HR Support Center Access.

In addition to the full-service options, Basic Payroll is for a hands-on business-owner and includes online payroll submission and online reports.  After a company submits their payroll information online, CheckMark processes the data and prepares direct deposits, printable checks, and reports for filing taxes and paying employer expenses. Filing taxes is handled by the employer with Basic Payroll service.

CheckMark, Inc. was founded in 1984 in Colorado.  Its mission has been to provide affordable and accurate payroll and accounting solutions for small businesses. It began with accounting software for Macintosh® and has since expanded to include payroll software, 1099 software, MultiLedger accounting software, and payroll services. All software and services are compatible with the latest Macintosh® or Windows® operating systems.


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