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Case Study: Citrus County Schools Save Over $10,000 a Year with Online Pay Stubs

Citrus County Case Study

Business Profile

The Citrus County School System, located in Inverness, FL is a growing school district with 2,500 employees, 23 K-12 and specialty schools.

Business Objectives

The overall objective was to streamline remedial administrative work while providing additional convenience to employees.

The Challenge

First came the spooling, then the printing. Then the real fun began when Fedoris Franklin and her assistants in the payroll department would spend three straight days stuffing envelopes with pay stubs so a courier could deliver them to their schools. Even though 95% of CCSB employees were on direct deposit, the payroll department still had to prepare the paper pay stubs. A few days later the paper cuts would heal, but the calls would trickle in about a lost pay stub, or a request would placed for a past pay stub. This was a typical payroll cycle for the Citrus County School System.

Attempts were made to streamline the remedial administrative work, but all solutions involved purchasing cost-prohibitive, monster-sized payroll packages with a slew of unneeded extra features.

The Solution

Sam Hurst, CCSB’s Executive Director of Business Services, had never heard of NatPay’s online pay stubs when he received a call from Stacy Anthony, EZStub’s Division Manager. She explained how electronic pay stubs could eliminate the repetitive tasks of paper pay stub production, provide additional employee benefits, and increase cost savings. Best of all, NatPay’s online pay stubs would be compatible with their existing software and processes.

Rather than receive a paper stub that most employees just threw away, employees would be able to access their pay stubs online. Never again would pay stubs get lost or stolen. Since all electronic pay stubs are archived, employees wouldn’t have to waste their time (or Payroll’s) to obtain past stubs.


Two pilot groups were set up and some employees expressed concerns with security. Once it was explained that NatPay’s online pay stubs use the same security and encryption measures that banks use to transfer billions of dollars, and that online pay stubs actually eliminate the risk of paper pay stub information running through multiple human hands to get from printer to employee, the new technology was embraced.

As Citrus County became familiar with NatPay’s online pay stubs, more customized features were added. For example, Citrus County is now taking advantage of NatPay’s unique messaging feature to communicate important payroll information to specific employees.

Return on Investment

By implementing electronic pay stubs, Citrus County expects to save $8,000 to $10,000 annually. These savings combined with NatPay’s nominal implementation costs are allowing Citrus County to enjoy a virtually immediate return on their investment.

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