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Coupons or Notifications: Businesses Benefit by Going Paperless

There are now 36 million people using Internet coupons, or nearly quadruple the number from three years ago, according to a recent study released by Simmons/Experian Research and Coupons Inc.
While companies are starting to send text-message coupons that arrive on cell phones, businesses are addressing the challenge of going paperless with such systems as NatPay’s Doculivery.

“Businesses are seeing the benefits of decreasing paperwork,” says Jim Hagen, Vice President of Sales at NatPay.  “And our customers are already seeing the value and security of going paperless.”

Doculivery consolidates data into a unique web-based tool accessible from any Internet-ready location. Secure online pay stubs, W-2 and 1099 forms, invoices and customer statements are created and delivered in less time and at far less expense than traditional paper models Hagen says.

“These savings extend far beyond the value of eliminated storage cabinets and paper.  Going paperless is a valuable business tactic that eliminates the cumbersome paper world and provides a less expensive, more secure way of doing business.”

Additional Doculivery features include online payment, automated forms, and targeted search and reporting tools.  “These features are in demand by businesses which are trying to modernize and streamline.” Hagen explained.

“Our customers also use Doculivery to save with payroll expenses.  This system adheres to all federal tax filing requirements and state payroll laws.  Our Doculivery product is customizable and is a privacy safeguard.  Businesses have immediate, convenient access to previous years’ tax and payroll documents. This function enables users to quickly and easily produce documents required for audit, regulatory and legal purposes,” Hagen says.

Doculivery consolidates data from existing legacy systems.  XML programming and NET Framework.  The system allows for revisions and upgrades, advanced customization features, and customer-centric enhancements unmatched by older, less dynamic programming models.

So whether coupons or your latest payroll information is sent to your cell phone, consumers and business alike are finding the concept of going paperless minimizes exposure, saves money and prevents data loss.