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EZStub Electronic Pay Stubs Selected by Westinghouse to Replace Traditional Printed Pay Stubs

Tampa, FL (April 20, 2006) – Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC needed a robust, online solution to reduce paper pay stub delivery and printing costs, while also meeting high security needs that also had to be user friendly – EZStub became the solution.

Like most companies, Westinghouse has been printing all pay stubs in house and mailing them to employees. Implementation of a paperless pay stub solution would significantly reduce printing and delivery costs.

Many payroll processors and businesses use computers to process their payroll, and even benefit from direct deposit – but still continue to print and distribute pay stubs by hand or mail. EZStub, from National Payment Corporation, is the final piece of the puzzle that completes the money saving process of a paperless payroll.

“National Payment Corporation was willing to work with us on all the enhancements we needed to meet our overall objectives for implementing a paperless pay stub solution,” explained Karen Kranz, manager of payroll and expense reporting for Westinghouse.

The number one priority for Westinghouse was for their employees to use a highly secure solution that allowed them to feel comfortable retrieving their information from the Internet as well as being very easy to use, according to Kranz.

Westinghouse rolled out EZStub in January 2006 to all monthly paid employees on direct deposit. Every cycle of the rollout process was carefully monitored, discussed, and evaluated. The EZStub system met with a favorable response from the Westinghouse employees using the solution.

“The IT team at National Payment was very patient and resourceful in helping us implement all of the suggestions that our employees had made. Communication was great and the turnaround time even better,” said Kranz.

By implementing National Payment’s EZStub electronic pay stub solutions, Westinghouse projects a savings of $40,000 in operating costs for 2006, according to Kranz.

“EZStub saves time and money for payroll administrators, human resource managers, finance officers, budget analysts, accountants, and CFOs. Employees love it because now they have instant access to their payroll records, without the need to get that information from someone else in the company. Employees also love to receive payroll information in real time, rather than waiting for delivery of a hard copy pay stub,”

“If employees need current or past pay information, they can get that from a secure web site with no need to take up the time of a payroll department employee. The value of a reduced work load and higher productivity to a company can be significant during the course of a year,” explained Stacy Anthony of National Payment Corporation.

The company maintains a web site at, and provides more information about the solution developed for Westinghouse at

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