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The Importance of Customer Support From Your Payment Processing Provider

payment processing

ACH payment processing providers must offer a top-notch customer support experience. Learn why customer support is essential for B2B businesses.

Business owners have limited time on their hands. With many things to take care of, certain tasks may be more challenging to accomplish. Establishing and maintaining digital payment channels are two particularly tricky aspects of a business to deal with.

That is why having a trusted payment processing partner with a strong customer support system can be critically helpful in optimizing business operations. Business owners must establish a way to facilitate and approve digital payments quickly and efficiently.

In this article, you will learn why partnering with a payment processing provider that is focused on great customer service can benefit your business operations.

What Does a Payment Processing Provider Do?

A payment processing provider takes care of a business's customers’ digital transactions for your business. They act as a middleman between your customer and financial institutions to facilitate smooth and successful transactions. The payment processing providers ensure customer transactions have optimum security, as they generally have stringent safety measures to prevent breaches like fraud, and consistently adhere to industry compliance protocols.

A robust payment processing provider will generally handle a wide variety of digital payment types as well, including electronic wallets, such as Apple Pay, PayPal, and Alipay, electronic debit and credit cards, and wire and bank transfers.

However, despite the convenience payment processing partners provide, payments made through any digital space are subject to complications. For example, if a customer experiences a declined payment or has another snag during payment processing, the business could lose out on a sale, potential new customers, or lost faith from existing customers.

Processor technology alone can't fix these road bumps. Along with a smooth payment processing system, businesses need a strong customer support team to assist clients to secure overall business success. With efficient support in place from a trusted payment processing partner, businesses can foster trust and form meaningful relationships with customers.

payment processing

Understanding the Cause of Declined Payments

One of the most important roles of customer support when it comes to payment processing troubleshooting is determining the reason for a declined payment.

Generally, payment declines are grouped into two categories: hard and soft declines.

With a hard decline, the customer’s bank does not approve the transaction. This is often because it reads the transaction as potentially fraudulent, the account is already above its limit, or there is a data entry mistake.

Soft declines, on the other hand, occur when the bank that issued the customer’s accounts accepts the transaction, but there is a lapse somewhere else in the digital payment processing. This could be because the payment system is down, or something has gone wrong with the merchant’s software.

In the event of a declined payment, the sales agent handling the transaction must, as discreetly and quickly as possible, inform the customer of the situation. Customers should connect with their account servicer to establish their recommended course of action. Sales agents must also double-check the customer’s personal information, rule out the possibility of fraud, and ensure the payment account is still viable for use.

Prevent Fraudulent Transactions

It is essential that your payment processing provider has a customer service system to block fraudulent transactions.

Fraudulent transactions often occur when account information is stolen. Thus, businesses must be able to rely on a support team well-educated on how to spot potential fraud.

In instances of fraud, time is of the essence. For the best security and customer peace of mind, using systems like NatPay’s DDPlus (Direct Deposit Plus) ACH distribution solution is highly recommended. Customers can have their funds securely and immediately transferred to different financial accounts to curb fraud losses.

The ACH distribution system makes it much easier to reconcile data, allowing for more efficient tracking. Additionally, the ACH distribution system is incredibly simple to use. Even the least tech-savvy individuals can learn how to navigate it, making more efficient payment processing a breeze.

Customer Support Can Address Inquiries or Issues Involving Large Transactions

There may be instances when customers perform large transactions. Generally, the larger the amount of money transferred, the higher the chance of a prolonged transaction. This is often for bureaucratic reasons: the financial institutions involved want to ensure that the money is valid.

Another common reason for the delay is vetting for suspicious activity like money laundering. In the event of a delay in this sort of scenario, having a payment processing partner with a strong support team proves advantageous because customers can air their concerns and raise their issues with a dedicated representative.

If you are making a large transaction, it is best to plan ahead. Using a payment processing system like NatPay’s Direct Deposit prevents issues typically associated with doing large transactions. You can automatically upload your payroll files from anywhere and access emergency payment processing for quicker and more streamlined payment facilitation.

Partner With NatPay For All Your Digital Payment Processing Needs

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