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PRESS RELEASE: NatPay Provides New Payroll Optimization Service Reducing G&A Costs for Payroll Professionals

National Payment Corporation (NatPay) has recently started offering clients a new payroll optimization service that provides immediate savings by drastically reducing the number of per-item charges that payroll professionals encounter with their banks on an ongoing basis.

NatPay’s Payroll Optimizer service is a huge benefit for many payroll clients that undergo an optimization review to find out if they are a candidate for reduced per-item fees that ultimately reduce G&A costs. Payroll processors currently using MPAY or Millennium software are seeing the optimization process work effectively by having NatPay combine individual credit entries into one entry for the bank. The result is that processors are only being charged by their bank for one entry instead of hundreds or thousands which results in substantial savings for payroll processors.

“WPS Payroll has been using NatPay’s Payroll Optimizer service for 2 ½ weeks, and in that time, the service has reduced the number of transactions clearing our bank accounts by over 1000 entries! Reconciliation now takes much less time every day, and has saved us from paying a substantial amount in bank charges. The Payroll Optimizer service has more than lived up to our expectations. We would highly recommend it to anyone in the payroll industry,” said Andy Telanoff, President of WPS Payroll.

The Payroll Optimizer service is currently available for MPAY and Millennium software users.  NatPay clients using other software packages should take advantage of an optimization review by NatPay to discuss options for optimizing your particular payroll processes to easily save time and money. NatPay prides itself on its abilities to work closely with payroll professionals for an optimal payroll process that’s right for them, and results in lower general and administrative costs now and in the future.

“New payroll services like Payroll Optimizer, continue NatPay’s tradition of providing its clients with partner-like services that originate from client requests. Try calling a bank and asking them to create a service that will save you money and see what happens,” states Jim Hagen, VP of Sales for NatPay.

“Exemplar service for our clients after the sell is of the utmost importance for the entire NatPay team. Timely, one-on-one human support is always available by phone or email so that clients always receive the level of high-quality service that they have come to expect and deserve. We are always focused on improving the NatPay experience for our clients which they appreciate,” says Steve Pereira, VP & General Manager for NatPay.