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New, Wire Transfer Draw-Down Services from NatPay

 Reverse Wires

National Payment Corporation (NatPay) now offers Wire Transfer Draw-Down Services (Reverse Wires) to our Professional Payroll Processors (PPPs).

What is a Reverse Wire?

A Reverse Wire authorizes NatPay to withdraw funds from a PPP client’s account via a wire transfer based on the client’s pre-approval.

A Reverse Wire wire is initiated by the recipient of the funds (NatPay), rather than by the PPP client.

Benefits of a Reverse Wire

Convenience. Once the Reverse Wire has been set up, there is no additional time or effort required from a PPP client for each wire.

Good Funds. A wire, whether Reverse Wire or standard, is considered “good funds” and mitigates risk for a PPP.

Getting Started with Reverse-Wire Services

It is easy to get started with NatPay’s Reverse-Wire Services. Start by filling out the form below to let us know that your are interested. We will then contact you with more information.