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Enhanced Direct Deposit Features

NatPay is excited to announce several new features and enhancements to our Direct Deposit processing systems. These updates include:

• Completion of the Returns System upgrade
• Downloadable returns in spreadsheet format
•  Enhanced system security features
• Improved wire-client management

Returns System Upgrade

NatPay has recently completed the upgrades to the Returns System to boost productivity, and process returns with greater precision.

Downloadable Returns

Beginning 09/09/2014 NatPay will offer our payroll processors the ability to download their returns as a spreadsheet from

If you have returns, a spreadsheet will be available each morning that shows your returns for the day. After NatPay’s first closeout, around 5:00 p.m. ET, a second spreadsheet will be available outlining the resolution details for each return.

Enhanced System Security Features

For enhanced security and functionality, NatPay’s Direct Deposit processing systems now support multiple, unique login IDs for a client’s account. Each unique login ID may have its own password, and varying degrees of permissions set for controlled system access.

Please note that beginning in October 2014, ONLY the payroll processors that are setup for enhanced system security will have the ability to use the Manual Entry feature of the system.

Improved Wire-Client Management

If you upload a file to for a client marked asALWAYS wire, the system will ask you to confirm that this is a wire client. Additionally, you will have the option to change the funding method for this particular file to ACH. Please keep in mind that normal timing limitations apply.

Processors who have clients that OCCASIONALLY wire funds will be able to designate a batch as a wire batch while doing the upload beginning on 09/09/2014.

To see demonstrations of the new features, or signup for those that you are interested in, please contact:

Dawn Cafaro
[email protected]
813.222.0333 x104