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Finding Ways To Save On Payroll Processing

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and some economists hope the pace of layoffs will moderate as the recession eases and possibly ends later this year.   But even as employers reduce firings, the nationwide unemployment rate is expected to hit double digits by year’s end.

“Businesses today are looking for ways to save as they look ahead to possibly hiring again,” says Jim Hagen, Vice President of Sales at NatPay.  “In the process, they are looking for ways to go paperless.”

One such solution is NatPay’s EZStub, a system which allows workers to review their pay through the receipt of text messages.

“Businesses are finding ways to communicate with employees via texting rather than paper stubs,” Hagen explains.  “And, businesses are quickly learning they can save money using this electronic solution.  Companies can communicate more quickly while saving money by reducing paper and written records.”

EZStub’s features include security, employer options and employee delivery options.  “Security is the most important issues in business today, and this system allows for specific user names and password options,” Hagen says.  “Payroll administrators save time and effort because employees can obtain current and past pay stub information on their own with EZStub’s online self-serve features.”

Companies are finding electronic pay stubs solutions like EZStub have eliminated written reports and reduced the cost of printing and delivering paper pay stubs.

With the growing and unlimited texting plans offered by carriers like AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless, American businesses will be turning more and more to paperless solutions for informing their employees of just how much they’ve earned.