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Dear Customer:

Becoming a top provider in our industry is not without its perils. Many companies are subject to a growing threat of DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks against their websites. We owe our tremendous success as an industry leader in ACH Services and Document Management Solutions to you, our valued customers, but that success comes with a price. The price is that our popularity makes NatPay a target.

As you know, we suffered an outage caused by a DDoS attack to on December 22, 2015. This caused the Doculivery and Direct Deposit services to be down for several hours. NatPay is happy to report that the services affected by this attack are fully operational, and that there were NO system breaches. Even though the attack was stopped dead by our security services, the attack caused the subsequent service outage. These types of attacks can sometimes adversely affect services for several days, but our stringent security protocols and IT staff were able to rectify the situation within hours.

As you have come to expect from NatPay, we have taken steps as of TODAY to make sure that this type of service interruption never happens again. We have implemented the CloudFlare Enterprise Security Solution ( This company is a worldwide leader in Internet protection, and is one of the most advanced security service providers available today. This additional security measure is very expensive, but NatPay’s desire to provide every one of our customers the service that they deserve makes it worth the cost.

Since 1991, we have prided ourselves on being a customer-driven company, and always strive to provide the best services possible. We appreciate your support in making us the number one ACH and Electronic Document Company in the country. We continue to adhere to the values that make us who we are, and want to assure you that NatPay will always do everything in its power to offer the services that you know and trust.


Steve Pereira
VP & GM, NatPay