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URGENT BULLETIN: Fraudulent ACH Activity

Professional Payroll Processors:

NatPay has noticed a group of criminals who have been moving from one Professional Payroll Processor to another in an attempt to defraud them by making ACH payrolls against stolen bank accounts. This group has completely compromised the banks accounts that they are using, and are able to verify pennies and pass most security checks.

NatPay is generally able to catch them if we are given time to properly underwrite the accounts before you try to send us the first payroll.

You are able to protect yourself by doing the following:

  • Do not take new accounts without meeting the customer.
  • Become suspicious when a new customer is rushing you to perform direct deposits. (Some processors do not allow a first payroll to go via ACH, and require checks to be issued.)
  • Become suspicious if all the pay amounts are even, or if the names are similar.
  • Become suspicious if the bank accounts for the employees are over 10 digits long. This indicates a Payroll PayCard. Money cannot be retrieved from a pay card.
  • Become suspicious if all of the employees use the same bank.
  • Become suspicious if the bank account for the business is with Bank Of America. This is apparently where the accounts have been stolen.

If all else fails, please take the time to call NatPay’s Operations department at 813-222-0333 with questions or concerns. NatPay is more than happy to perform the underwriting and notify you of any issues.

NatPay is also preparing an expanded guide on risk management in the ACH world that will be available soon.

Steven F. Pereira
NatPay VP, GM, & Founding Member