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Big Fish Payroll selects NatPay as Vendor of the Year


December 22, 2014 – Each year Big Fish Payroll Services selects one vendor that they work with as their vendor of the year.  For 2014, Big Fish has selected NatPay.
Their decision is based upon several factors, including which company;
  • Offers great support to Big Fish employees
  • Is easy to work with
  • Is responsive to their clients during both the sales cycle and ongoing support
  • Increases the value of their client relationship with Big Fish
  • Has helped Big Fish client retention
  • Has helped Big Fish grow

“Your team is always helpful and responsive, and although it is unfair to acknowledge just a few because your entire team is helpful, special kudos to Dawn, Josh, Denise, Lucy, and Sarah. In the constantly changing banking and money movement landscape we are thankful for a helpful partner such as you. We remain committed to NatPay, and look forward to future software enhancements to make the process even easier than it is today.”

Justin Dignam, Founder & CEO – Big Fish Payroll Services

Payroll Success Story: Avail Professional Services

Avail Professional Services in Sorento, IL. d/b/a Apex Payroll, provides payroll services, bookkeeping services and income tax return preparation to individuals and corporations. They are a small business that specializes in serving other small businesses.

Avail wanted to offer their clients a turn-key, dependable direct deposit service and chose NatPay for several reasons. NatPay is known in the industry as a reliable and trusted ACH service provider and has a unique system for adding clients in order to provide processing for payroll clients quickly and efficiently.

“We had a new client that required a quick turnaround set up time. A NatPay technical support representative was able to get the client set up the same day,” remarked Amanda J Dussold, CPA.

A key differentiator of NatPay’s ACH Solutions is that the company provides extended processing time for payroll processors across the nation, allowing for west coast clients to process throughout their business day – the same as an east coast client would. “When I was having problems with the file “after hours” – I called approximately 7:30 eastern time – customer service was available to help”, stated Dussold. NatPay is the only ACH Service Provider that is open from 9am to 10pm ET to accommodate file uploads throughout the work day regardless of their location. This is a tremendous benefit to payroll professionals across the nation – especially those who send files several times a day and after many banks and ACH processors have already closed.

Jim Hagen, VP of Sales for NatPay commented that many clients find their way to NatPay simply because of excellent customer service. “It’s a competitive industry and to not offer a quality service or a dependable service – you won’t stay in this business for long.” Other issues that Avail was concerned with in selecting a direct deposit service provider was implementation time and customer support. “One of the reasons for selecting NatPay was the helpful staff and good customer service”, Dussold said.

Timing options were also a factor in selecting NatPay as a ACH service provider (2 day processing, etc.) Being able to process payroll with faster processing. NatPay provides flexible timing options that help payroll professionals work smarter and faster – providing a service that many banks and ACH providers simply cannot match.

TESTIMONIAL: Many thanks to Jonathan and Elissa for helping me solve my payroll problem.

Many thanks to Jonathan and Elissa for helping me solve my payroll problem. Your diagnosis and familiarity with DacEasy and NatPay pointed me in the right direction so that I was able to finish the payroll long before midnight!

Thanks again for your patience and help.

Bonnie M.
Update Records Management, L.P.

TESTIMONIAL: I LOVE LOVE the updated withdrawal descriptions for my customer accounts!

I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE LOVE the updated withdrawal descriptions for my customer accounts! Now that custom preferences allow for matching descriptions, it makes our life and our client’s lives much easier.

After using DPS and others in the past, NatPay is easily the best!  You’ve got a great system and I’m VERY happy with it.

Thanks so much!

Mark B.
– Preferred

NatPay Testimonial from Premier Insurance

“Working with NatPay has been a rewarding and productive choice for my company. I’m thrilled with NatPay’s services and customer support. I even appreciate the accommodations for a faster turn-around time. Offering your web-based system was a turning approach for an effective value-added feature for my customers. I highly recommended NatPay!”

Joel H.
Accounting Manager
Premier Insurance

NatPay Direct Deposit Testimonial from Preferred Payroll

“I must say that I’m VERY impressed with your Direct Deposit Distribution system. The website is logical and easy to understand. I love the fact that I can actually see every client that processed separately with the amounts.”

Mark Bille – Preferred Payroll

NatPay Testimonial from AOD Software User

“We chose NatPay for online pay stubs to increase efficiency and eliminate paper waste. Security, user friendliness, and integration with AOD software makes NatPay the perfect online pay stubs solution.”

– Tracy Biesecker, Director of Financial Services and AOD User, Cross Keys Village – an organization that provides unmatched services to those seeking retirement living, personal care, nursing care, and adult day care.

NatPay Customer Service Testimonial

“Jonathan, a customer service representative for NatPay, did an excellent job for me today. I was having trouble transmitting payroll, and he walked me through the process with ease. It is nice to know that there are still customer service reps that care about the customer.”

– Written on behalf of Jody Eccleston, Finance Director of Community Ministries of Rockville – an organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable of Montgomery County residents by (1) providing basic services including housing, healthcare, homecare, education, and emergency assistance, with the goal of achieving and maintaining client self-sufficiency, and (2) advocating on their behalf.

Testimonial from Family Dollar

“NatPay may be a small company, but they provide better customer service than any of the big companies that I have had to deal with.”

Suzanne Fink
Payroll Manager
Family Dollar, Inc.

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Doculivery Testimonial from Reilly Electrical Contractors, Inc.

“The messaging feature is a huge benefit of Doculivery. it is a great communication tool for companies in the construction industry where 95% of the employees are out in the field at various job sites.”

Jennifer Stanton
Director of Human Resources
Reilly Electrical Contractors, Inc.

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NatPay Online Pay Stubs Customer Testimonial

“Today was the first pay date that HRG went completely live with electronic pay stubs. Besides a few locked accounts, the process has gone very smoothly. I have received good comments on the website’s ease of use.”

Lisa Walsh – Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc.

Online Pay Stubs Testimonial from Retail Construction Services, Inc.

“I have found the pay stub services to be very good. Uptime and accuracy have been 100% to my knowledge, and the admin and client interfaces are pretty intuitive as well.”

Steve Novotny
Network Administrator
Retail Construction Services, Inc.

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Doculivery Testimonial from Choate Construction Company

“I wanted to touch base with you to tell you how wonderful our new Doculivery system is working. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the employees that have logged in to the site.”

Kristi Hammerli
Office Manager
Choate Construction Company

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Direct Deposit Testimonial from the Hospice of the Carolina Foothills

“Our employees really enjoy the privacy of NatPay’s direct deposit service. They appreciate knowing that their pay is in their account and they don’t have to go to the bank. And I estimate that we save two to five hours every time that we process payroll.”

Jane Morris
Director of Financial Services
Hospice of the Carolina Foothills

Direct Deposit Testimonial from John B. Pierce Laboratory

“NatPay’s Customer Service representative was knowledgeable, courteous, and walked me through Web Direct Direct Deposit. It was easy, quick, and will definitely save me time.”

Richard Chumu
Laboratory Supervisor
John B. Pierce Laboratory