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Case Study – Butler County Schools, Kentucky


Butler County Schools in Kentucky is a local school district with over 300 full-time  employees. Like many school systems today, Butler County schools were researching ways to save money, improve processes, and streamline their school system as a whole in order to fully maximize their budget. Like many other schools, paperless payroll solutions seemed to provide an answer to this problem.

“We wanted to eliminate paper pay stubs and W-2 forms, and give our employees access to them through a website,” stated Travis Johnson, Payroll Manager for Butler County schools. Johnson wanted to find a paperless statement solution that would be easy for employees to use, and also be secure so that employees’ pay information would be protected online. “We were looking for a product that was user friendly, cost effective, and very secure,” remarked Johnson.

After a thorough research process, Johnson chose NatPay for online pay stubs and W-2s. This decision was based on a variety of factors that all came together in support of NatPay’s Doculivery online pay stub and online W-2 services. It was paramount that the Doculivery system be easy to use, and simple for Butler County School employees to adopt. “Doculivery is very user friendly. Setup only takes a few minutes, and there is almost no learning curve,” said Johnson.

Having employee pay information online also meant that security was a top priority for Butler County school employees. “Many employees were initially concerned about the security of their pay information, but once they experienced how easy and secure the Doculivery system was to use, those fears went away. I was also concerned with disaster recovery and upload security, but all my concerns were put at ease when I learned about NatPay’s security features,” said Johnson.

NatPay has completed a SSAE 16 SOC 1 audit (formerly SAS 70 Type II) which means that very stringent security procedures are maintained on a daily basis. Doculivery clients are assured that their pay information is kept safe and secure using the latest, Industry-standard security protocols and encryption methods.

Many clients that search for paperless solutions are concerned with the integration process taking too many months to implement. Based on industry results, it takes 16 to 22 weeks to adopt an online pay stub process which is why Doculivery’s 6 to 8 week integration time period looks so attractive. This rapid implementation process allows many clients to realize a faster ROI. “Integration was simple. I got the programmers the reports out of Munis (our payroll software) and NatPay built the system around them.  Once we were set up, NatPay’s support staff walked me through the upload process. It was all very simple,” remarked Johnson.

The Group Administration features of Doculivery provided additional benefits for Butler County. Like other companies who have limited payroll personnel, the system must accommodate various levels of payroll staff using the system, and provide simple administrator functions that do not require a technical or IT representative.

“Since I am the only person with administrator rights (besides a person for backup) it was important that administration did not require a lot of time. Doculivery is simple. I can unlock someone, or update an employee very quickly,” said Johnson. “I was told that if I could get the information to NatPay, then the programmers could make Doculivery do what I needed it to do. So far, they have come through 100% of time.”

After using the Doculivery system for a few months, Butler County Schools anticipates a significant savings over conventional paper methods. “By just using Doculivery for online pay stubs and W-2s, we are able to project about a 50% savings from the old way of printing paper stubs. We are saving on the paper for stubs and W-2s, as well as the ink used to print them, and also on all of the postage costs,” remarked Johnson.

Employee feedback from Butler County school employees has been quite favorable. “Everyone is uneasy about change, but after we rolled out Doculivery online pay stubs, I can say that I haven’t had anyone complain about them. I have even heard from some of my employees that I was worried about saying how simple the system is,” said Johnson.

Now that Butler County school District is enjoying tremendous savings by adopting Doculivery online pay stubs and W-2s, Johnson intends to increase their paperless projects for additional savings, and to further streamline their business processes.

“We are very happy customers, and are excited about using Doculivery for other paperless solutions in the future,” said Johnson.

Whatʼs on the horizon for the electronic document management environment?

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, such as online payroll, will continue to drive the paperless trend.

While the fundamentals of payroll have not changed, we are in the middle of a payroll process revolution. The emphasis will shift from “software” to “service.”

At NatPay, our focus has always been to give equal priority to service. SaaS offers more flexibility and choice.

For example, some clients may want to be billed per payroll, while others prefer quarterly. You want to be sure your payroll partner gives you that kind of flexibility.

It is only a matter of time before direct deposit completely replaces checks in the vast majority of small businesses across the country.

All Document Management systems share one significant inefficiency: the time it takes to check a document into the system. Systems require that you enter certain document properties like title, retention period, category, storage location, etc.

One document might take 20 seconds, which may not seem like much time. However, what if there were a hundred or more documents a day to check in? Now we are talking about 20 minutes per day or more.

Or what if a firm just completed 1,000 tax returns and wanted to store them in its document management system? How long would that take to check them in?

We are constantly striving to improve product efficiency. We are in the process of adding sophisticated automation features to Doculivery that will recognize and automatically check in a significant portion of documents including emails and large batches of tax returns, invoices, or other forms created from other programs or scanned into Doculivery system. This technology represents a large step forward in the evolution of document management software.

Contact us today at 800-284-0113 to find out your cost savings when adopting an online document management solution with NatPay.

How does going paperless increase efficiency and save money? How much does it save?

In terms of payroll, paperless means big cost savings and better security. As one the first online payroll services companies, weʼve seen astronomical savings since launching the business in 1991. Our 35,000+ small to mid-sized business customers nationwide are saving nearly 50% compared to what they would pay for a traditional, paper-intensive payroll provider.

“Accountants using Direct Deposit Plus and online pay stubs can create an incremental $500 to $1,000 per year per client by adopting a paperless payroll”, stated Mark Williams, NatPay’s Marketing Director.

We should replace the term “paperless” with “document management” since not all paperless solutions are document management systems. In most cases, the greatest efficiency gain from any document management system should be the dramatic reduction in time spent retrieving documents.

It is a well-known fact that staff spends as much as 30 minutes per day searching for lost or misfiled documents. In addition, a comprehensive document management system should provide the tools to reduce engagement time, improve client service, and cut paper, printing, and copier costs significantly.

Doculivery clients using our SaaS (Software as a service) application have saved time and money in multiple ways—in preparing payroll and tax forms and reports and more efficient workflows in general. ROI for some Doculivery clients can range  between 200% and 400% – most often with first year ROI paying for the solution.

Contact us today at 800-284-0113 to find out your cost savings when adopting a paperless solution.

Register today for NatPay’s “Six Secrets to Attaining Rapid ROI for Businesses Going Paperless” Webinar

National Payment Corporation (NatPay), a twenty-year veteran in the payment, tax form, and payroll industry, announces the next free 30-minute webinar presenting the six secrets practiced by US corporations that were able to attain significant savings in dollars and staff-time, by implementing paperless business practices.

This latest innovation from the originator of paperless payroll systems will be presented on:

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. ET

This webinar will feature a variety of real-world case studies to demonstrate how quickly and easily a paperless process can provide businesses with a faster return on investment.

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Doculivery Testimonial from Reilly Electrical Contractors, Inc.

“The messaging feature is a huge benefit of Doculivery. it is a great communication tool for companies in the construction industry where 95% of the employees are out in the field at various job sites.”

Jennifer Stanton
Director of Human Resources
Reilly Electrical Contractors, Inc.

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Doculivery Case Study for Russell Standard Corporation

Russell Standard logo

Russell Standard is a family-owned company, and employs over 350 workers servicing virtually every municipality in the region. Russell Standard offers both new construction and maintenance of virtually any asphalt-related project, from private driveways to interstate highways. Additionally, Russell Standard is a manufacturer of asphalt materials, emulsions and coatings.

Like many companies today faced with the reality of reducing costs and streamlining operations, Russell Standard chose NatPay to help reduce paper and evolve to an online payroll process. Doculivery is a NatPay solution that provides any size of business with online document solutions that cover all areas of business: Payroll, AP, AR, and HR. The first step in going green for Russell Standard was to start with online pay stubs and online W-2s.

“Russell Standard wanted to move our payroll process forward – the goal was to save time and money. Before NatPay, I had to print, stuff, and mail 100-150 checks a week,” said Cathy Evans, Payroll Manager for Russell Standard. Employees now enjoy 24/7 safe and secure access to their pay information and W-2 tax forms online. Production and administration costs were drastically reduced and operations became more streamlined as a result of utilizing the Doculivery solution.

Cost and ease of use were two main factors in searching for the solution to Russell Standard’s business. “I needed it to be very user friendly as some of our guys know nothing about computers. I also was concerned about the cost as I was trying to save money. I also was very pleased to find NatPay through the APA,” remarked Evans.

As an APA member, NatPay regularly updates clients on any payroll changes that affect their solutions to maintain compliancy.

Besides ease of use, Russell Standard was concerned about the integration process and what it takes to make the paperless transition. With virtually no IT staff available, Evans was excited that NatPay provided a quick and seamless integration that required no additional staff or technical programming knowledge. “I am pretty good with computers, but I have no idea what it takes to create the check stub that the employees view – so it was important to have someone who would take the time to work with me to get the best file for them.” A key differentiator of NatPay’s Doculivery online document solution is how fast system integrations occur. Most NatPay paperless payroll solutions are completed in weeks rather than months – usually half the time of many online document solutions in the marketplace. A dedicated NatPay team is assigned to ensure a smooth transition to a paperless payroll process.

NatPay understands clients’ concerns to preserve confidentiality and privacy at all times and utilizes the latest technology and safeguards to ensure that client data remains safe. “This was very important. Payroll is a very sensitive area. We needed to know that our information was secure,” remarked Evans.

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1099Link – The Electronic Answer for Newly-Required 1099 Forms

New Regulations Mandate 1099s for Products and Services

Tampa, FL (PRWeb) September 8, 2010 – National Payment Corporation, a twenty-year veteran in the payment, tax form, and payroll industry, is introducing 1099Link to allow electronic transmission and receipt of 1099s and W-9s for businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations beginning January 1, 2011.

A provision in the new Health Care Bill requires businesses, governments, and non-profits to issue a 1099 tax form if they buy more than $600 in goods or services during the year from a vendor. This requirement could affect an estimated 38 million entities with new filing requirements.

“We already have experience providing electronic W-2s for companies and their employees,” said Steven Pereira, Vice President and General Manager of National Payment, “1099Link simplifies the burden of compliance for organizations currently filing 1099s on paper and our expertise will streamline the process for corporations, governments, and non-profits that will be required to file and receive 1099s under the new regulations.”

Instead of mailing thousands of 1099s at the end of the year, customers may now transmit a file to 1099Link at any time during the year. If their vendors have opted to receive 1099s electronically through 1099Link, the tax forms are presented electronically, and are stored for future access. Otherwise they will be printed and mailed automatically. It’s expected that most recipients of 1099 forms will choose electronic receipt to streamline reconciliation and storage.

“By linking the senders and receivers of these tax forms electronically, 1099Link enables both parties to fulfill the IRS requirements under the new law,” said Steven Pereira. “In addition to being easier, sending the forms electronically will cost much less than traditional printing and mailing.”

1099Link accepts tax form files in virtually any format, including XML, PDF, spreadsheet, and plain text. Tax form information can even be entered individually online for low volume filers. The system works with most accounting software programs. Filers can also choose to use 1099Link to submit the forms to the IRS electronically. Recipients may elect to download their tax forms, print them, or simply store them for future access to fulfill IRS record keeping requirements.

Fees depend on whether the 1099 is presented electronically to the recipient, or if the forms are printed and mailed. There is no fee for 1099 recipients.

Included with 1099Link is W9Clearinghouse, a system that allows companies to electronically post and retrieve W-9 tax forms, which are required by the IRS before a 1099 may be properly issued.

“National Payment understands that no organization likes to deal with new IRS regulations,” said Pereira. “That is why our goal is to simplify compliance, and take the paper out of the paperwork for 1099s.”

To learn more about 1099Link please visit

(c) 2010 National Payment Corporation. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

Steven Pereira, Vice President and General Manager
National Payment Corporation
Phone: 813-222-0333 x 6-151
Fax: 813-221-8651

Doculivery Case Study for City of Minot

 Sundt logo

Business Profile

The City of Minot, the fourth largest city in North Dakota, is a “micropolitan” city that approximately 37,000 people proudly call their home. Its low crime rate, high standards of living, and enviable education standards are testaments of the faithfulness of its citizens, and their individual social responsibilities.

Minot, also known as the “Magic City,” is a precious jewel of the Dakotas that proudly holds two scepters of the US Air Force’s prowess wings: the 5th Bomb Wing, and the 91st Space Wing. Minot Air Force Base is located 12 miles north of Minot. Throughout the years, Minot, the Ward County seat, has been a railhead and a military center. Today, the community stands strong in diverse sectors that include: agriculture, healthcare, education, tourism, business, and retail.

The Challenge

With approximately 300 employees, the City of Minot set out to go green and to save money while doing it. The main goals were to find solutions to streamline payroll processes for cost containment, and to reduce repetitive tasks that employees were currently enduring.

The Solution

The searched ended when the City of Minot discovered NatPay’s Doculivery online document management services. The scalable, paperless components of Doculivery provided the perfect paperless payroll solutions. The primary objective to save money and streamline payroll processes was achieved using the online pay statement component. “We set out to reduce costs, and find more environmentally friendly ways of doing business. We accomplished this with the Doculivery online pay stub solution,” remarked Jason S. McKibben, IT Specialist for the City of Minot.

Several factors were key while searching for the perfect solution. Many organizations who pursue paperless services want to make sure that they are easy to use and convenient for their employees. Security is also a primary concern given the sensitive nature of the payroll data that is electronically displayed. Finally, costs of such a paperless system – from implementation to maintenance and storage – were extremely important to the City of Minot.

Doculivery made the grade with Minot by meeting every one of their concerns with positive results. “Doculivery is a very easy system for the end user to use. There was very little training involved. Employees like the user notification options that are available to them. The text option is a great feature,” Stated McKibben.

Doculivery employs state-of-the-art security and industry-leading technology to guarantee the safety of employee data. Safeguards such as SSL encryption, GeoTrust certificates, and SAS 70 Type II audits eliminate any trepidation of compromised personal data. “NatPay has excellent security policies in use, and eased any and all concerns that we had about security issues. The administration console is very easy to use, and our administrators had no problems with the upload to release process,” remarked McKibben.

Doculivery’s implementation time frame is one of the key differentiators that helps make Doculivery shine. NatPay’s ability to upgrade an organization with a paperless payroll process via the the Doculivery platform is within 4 to 6 weeks – which is among the shortest time frames when compared to the industry average of 16 to 22 weeks. “Reducing the implementation timeline by 75% provides our clients the opportunity to experience an easier transition to paperless, and an immediate ROI for greater value,” stated Mark Williams, NatPay’s Marketing Director.

“The implementation process went very smoothly. Users and HR administrators are enjoying the Doculivery system,” said McKibben. It will definitely save our city time and money because HR no longer has to print, stuff, and seal the paper stubs which reduces their workload substantially. The file upload process takes only minutes, and is much more efficient than the paper system. The overall process from integration to implementation was very straightforward.”


Doculivery Case Study for Sundt Companies, Inc.

 Sundt logo


Business Profile

Sundt is a full-service contractor with expertise that spans the entire lifecycle of construction. They work within their client’s preferred delivery method, whether that’s Construction Management at Risk, Design Build, Build to Suit, or the traditional Design-Bid-Build approach.

The company builds a variety of projects for both public and private clients throughout the United States, including commercial and institutional structures of many types; infrastructure projects such as highways, dams, pipelines and airport facilities; and facilities for the Department of Defense as well as other Federal agencies. Sundt continues to add landmark projects to its list of accomplishments. These include the Apollo Riverpoint office complex in Phoenix, Mater Dei Catholic High School in San Diego, Oasis Water Campus Water Treatment Plant in Glendale, Ariz., multiple sections of Phoenix’s new light rail system, two buildings of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, a major expansion of the Tucson International Airport Terminal,  the University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management, and $360 million worth of work at Fort Bliss Army Post near El Paso, Texas. The company is 100 percent employee owned through its Employee Stock Ownership Program. Employees take a personal interest in the quality and success of each project and the company at large.

The Challenge

Sundt is always looking for new ways to improve how they do business. Whether it’s through better management techniques, safety advances, or emerging technologies, their goal is to deliver the highest quality products to their owners. One business problem that Sundt wanted to solve was to implement a paperless payroll process with online pay statements. With over 1,400 employees, providing a green alternative to paper pay statements was a logical choice.

Several factors were key for Sundt in searching for an ideal paperless solution. “Easy file transfer, security of employee information, and ease of use were very important to us,” remarked Karolyn Comstock, Payroll Supervisor and an employee  owner, of Sundt Companies, Inc. “The solution that we were looking for had to be user friendly, and had to also work with JD Edwards World.”

The Solution

NatPay met each challenge set forth by Sundt, and provided the ideal solution to their business problem. Doculivery’s easy to use system was a perfect fit for Sundt employees. “If an employee has problems accessing information they will not use it,” stated Comstock. The employees found the online system safe, secure, convenient, and easy to access. “Many employees stop by just to say how much they like it,” Comstock remarked. Doculivery’s unique flexibility and customization was also a tremendous benefit for Sundt employees. “Having it customized to match what the employee is used to seeing was great.”

Since Doculivery requires little to no client IT involvement, Sundt was thankful for the quick integration, and the support of NatPay’s team who was there for every step of the process. “Doculivery had to function well without issues,” stated Comstock. “Having the ability to resolve an issue just by picking up the phone or dropping an email is wonderful.” Dedicated support teams ensure that each client like Sundt receives all of the support that they need – if and when they need it, and that a fast online document management integration timeframe (in which NatPay’s is the fastest and highest quality in the industry) is maintained. “Everything seemed to progress pretty smoothly,” Comstock remarked.

“Security is vital when you are talking about payroll information,” stated Comstock. Doculivery utilizes state-of-the-art encryption technology, SSL certificates, and 3-tiered firewall protection to keep client’s data safe and secure.

In addition to the production and administration savings that Doculivery provides, there’s an immediate ROI that companies also enjoy when adopting paperless HR processes. “We anticipate a savings of approximately $50,000 a year by adopting the Doculivery solution,” remarked Comstock.

“NatPay’s achievement of a positive client experience starts with a true understanding of how our services can provide short term and long term value to an organization,” said Mark Williams, Marketing Director at NatPay.  “But it does not end with a sale and that is why our service implementation and customer support are critical to our client’s success. We thank Sundt Companies for their trust in us. Sundt Companies joins a growing list of satisfied clients with NatPay, and we welcome the opportunity to help other firms like Sundt Companies that need assistance in addressing cost containment business problems in HR, AP/AR, Payroll, Customer Service, or Marketing.”

Centro, Inc Doculivery Case Study

centro inc logo

Centro, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom rotationally molded plastic parts. Established in 1970, Centro, Inc. has grown to become the largest custom rotational molder in North America. Through innovation and superior customer service, Centro has stayed at the leading edge of the rotational molding industry. Centro’s Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001:2000 with Corporate Headquarters (Iowa), North Carolina, and Wisconsin locations. With a wide range of capabilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and manufacturing facilities in multiple locations, Centro is poised to be a single source provider for any company’s rotational molding needs.

Centro, Inc. employs approximately 600 employees over multiple states and selected NatPay’s Doculivery solution to address a primary business need for online pay stubs for their direct deposit payroll. To combat rising postage costs and looking to reduce production and administrative AP costs, Doculivery seemed to be a perfect fit for Centro, Inc. Several factors were key in selecting an online pay statement provider – security, ease of use, and cost. Doculivery provides the company’s employees with 24/7 safe and secure access to their pay statements online, which reduces administrative costs considerably as well as establishing a valuable employee self serve benefit.

Integration support was an important factor for Centro and NatPay rose to the occasion with an integration that was seamless with their current payroll processes. The paperless transition required little to no involvement on behalf of Centro, Inc.’s part, allowing the company to experience the paperless payroll in weeks, not months as with other online document management solutions.

Security is mission critical with NatPay and understands that Centro, Inc. values security as a key factor for outsourcing online payroll solutions. NatPay uses state of the art SSL encryption, GEOTrust certificates and a proprietary 3 tier firewall to protect client data. Functionality was also very important in selecting an online pay stub solution.

Centro, Inc. estimates a $30K annual savings net of implementation and fees since utilizing the Doculivery solution. “Overall, we are very happy with the system, ease of use and response from help desk,” remarked Sarah Cotty, Director of Finance for Centro, Inc.

Doculivery provides safe and secure 24/7 access to online pay statements which creates a valuable online employee self service and employees love having convenient access to pay stubs or W2 information in one location.

“Many companies like Centro, Inc. are finding the Doculivery platform ideal for reducing G&A costs and streamlining operations and NatPay is glad to provide complete online document solutions that create immediate ROI,” said Jim Hagen, VP of Sales at NatPay. “We are excited to help companies across the nation and in every industry explore paperless options – from online pay stubs to online statements and invoices with click to pay – and realize savings and streamlined operations.”

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NatPay To Offer Greener Office Solutions at 30th Annual United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Convention

Tampa, FL (September 10, 2009) – The national representative for nearly 3 million Hispanic-owned businesses, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), voiced its views recently on energy reform proposals. These positions were contained in an issue brief titled “Green Builds Business: The Hispanic Business Perspective”  David C. Lizárraga, USHCC Chairman of the Board, said, “The transition to an energy-efficient economy will open new markets for small businesses and stimulate the economy.”

In light of this, National Payment Corporation (NatPay), headquartered in Tampa, Florida is participating in the 30th annual USHCC National Convention and Business Expo. “Nearly 30% of our staff is Hispanic, and our growth is in large part due to their dedication and strong work ethic,” says Jim Hagen, Vice President of Sales at NatPay.
“It is an honor to further build our business relationships with this dynamic and growing segment of today’s work force. Our paperless products are also aligned with the values of the USHCC.”

NatPay has grown by showing Hispanic companies how to go green by utilizing paperless on-line solutions in their Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Accounts Receivable departments. The company is fully compliant for tax forms in every State.  The buying power of the growing Hispanic population in the United States is attracting the attention of many businesses. Many companies have graduated from producing commercials in Spanish to designing products and advertising campaigns specifically to appeal to the Hispanic market.

“National Payment Corporation has shaped its reputation on building relationships with the Hispanic market,” says Kimberly Miles with The Payroll Company. “I am excited to be working side-by-side with this very respected and creditable company. By empowering automated processes with our employees needs, we’ve made going green all the more easy and enticing.”

National Payment Corporation will be located in booth number 731 and is participating as a Bronze Level Sponsor during the USHCC 30th Annual National Convention and Business Expo. For more convention information visit:

About the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Founded in 1979, the USHCC actively promotes the economic growth and development of Hispanic entrepreneurs, and represents the interests of almost 3 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States that generate nearly $400 billion annually. It also serves as the umbrella organization for 200 local Hispanic chambers in the United States, Puerto Rico,
Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, and Uruguay.

About National Payment

National Payment Corporation is one of the nation’s largest independent direct deposit providers. National Payment provides payroll and other paperless distribution solutions to thousands of customers across the nation, in every industry, and in every state.

National Payment Corporation is bonded through two major insurance carriers and uses a third-party accounting firm to perform an annual audit of its records. Although National Payment Corporation processes over $7 billion dollars of customer funds each year, it maintains an accuracy record of 100%. National Payment Corporation prides itself on the fact that it has never lost a cent of its customers’ money.

(c) 2009 National Payment Corporation. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

Mark R. Williams, Marketing Director
National Payment Corporation (NatPay)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 813-222-0333 x155
Fax: 813-221-8651

Houston YMCA Utilizes EZStub Online Pay Stubs To Streamline Costs and Improve Service Delivery

Faced with an economy that cuts into  fund-raising, employment, and membership, YMCAs around the country are looking for ways to streamline their services and cuts costs. The YMCA of the Greater Houston Area found one such answer with the EZStub online pay stubs, designed by National Payment of Tampa, Florida.

“Like other YMCAs around the country, we were looking for ways to save money and go paperless,” says Scott Rockenstein, Director of IT at the Greater Houston YMCA. “Delivering pay stubs to more than 5,000 employees located in more than 40 centers throughout Houston and the surrounding counties was a pain-staking task. With direct deposit, less than 50% of the employees were actually picking up their paper pay stubs, resulting in abandoned pay statements.

The sensitivity of the information on each pay stubs meant that the YMCA had to find a better way. We found the better way when we implemented EZStub.” EZStub online pay stubs allows workers to review their pay information through the receipt of text messages or via online access. “This saves printing, distribution, and courier charges,” Rockenstein explains. “Now, our employees can better focus on addressing our real mission – serving our members and community, rather than wasting time circulating pay stubs.”

“Often, when implementing a new system, it is met with employee apprehension. But, not with EZStub.” Rockenstein says. “Older as well as younger YMCA staff quickly understood EZStub, and the integration into our existing system was simply seamless. The staff at NatPay took our files and integrated them flawlessly.” Greater Houston YMCA also took advantage of EZStub’s parent system Doculivery during a special promotion for online W-2 storage and access. More than 8,000 W-2 statements will be stored free in the same user-friendly system where their EZStub online pay stubs reside.

“This system allows for specific user names and password options,” says Jim Hagen, Vice President of Sales at NatPay. “Payroll administrators save more time because employees can obtain current and past pay stub information with EZStub’s online self-serve features.”

Electronic document solutions like EZStub are streamlining processes, and reducing the cost of printing and delivering paper. Moreover, like the YMCA, as demand for cost-effective paperless solutions rises, implementing a few good programs like EZStub will undoubtedly improve bottom-line health quickly and easily.

What is EZStub?
EZStub is an electronic pay stub component of the Doculivery online document management system. Features include 24/7 online access, unique user IDs and passwords, multiple delivery and notification options, plus robust security. Administrators even have customizable tools to manage user accounts, passwords, and security levels.

About NatPay

NatPay is one of the nation’s largest independent direct deposit providers. NatPay provides payroll and other paperless distribution solutions to thousands of customers across the nation, in every industry, and in every state. NatPay is bonded through two major insurance carriers and uses a third-party accounting firm to perform an annual audit of its records. Although NatPay processes over $7 billion dollars of customer funds each year, it maintains an accuracy record of 100%. NatPay prides itself on the fact that it has never lost a cent of its customers’ money.

About YMCA Houston
Through its 120-year history, the YMCA of the Greater Houston Area has been a place where people can find hope, fellowship, and healing. The YMCA has stayed true to its mission, values, and purpose of helping persons grow in spirit, mind, and body. With more than 40 centers and over 300 program locations serving eleven counties, the YMCA of the Greater Houston Area builds strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.

Online Pay Stubs Testimonial from Retail Construction Services, Inc.

“I have found the pay stub services to be very good. Uptime and accuracy have been 100% to my knowledge, and the admin and client interfaces are pretty intuitive as well.”

Steve Novotny
Network Administrator
Retail Construction Services, Inc.

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Doculivery Testimonial from Choate Construction Company

“I wanted to touch base with you to tell you how wonderful our new Doculivery system is working. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the employees that have logged in to the site.”

Kristi Hammerli
Office Manager
Choate Construction Company

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix Doculivery Case Study

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix (BGCMP) provides services to more than 32,250 boys and girls annually, operating a total of 12 clubhouses throughout the central and west area Valley, a full-service dental clinic, and outreach services.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix enables all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The BGCMP’s focus is to provide quality after-school programs, under the supervision of a professional staff that supplement and enhance their learning and nurturing environments. Like every other organization in these trying economic times, BGCMP was looking for ways to cut costs. One focus area to reduce costs was to start with payroll.

“Our main goal when looking for an alternative to issuing paper direct deposit pay stubs to our employees was to save costs,” says Andy Putman, Accounting Manager for BGCMP.

Other factors were key in searching for the ideal solution for their business problem. (i.e. security, file transfer, delivery options, user friendliness, roll out options, appearance of the pay stub, length of implementation, disaster recovery, cost, and financial stability of the vendor providing the service.

“We were concerned with online security, providing a user friendly system for our employees, implementation timeframes, and of course cost,” Putman remarked. “Ease of use was important because the easier a solution is to use, the more likely end users are to accept and support the change. Our current system can be somewhat inflexible at times, so integration support was key,” stated Putman.

One of the reasons why BGCMP chose Doculivery was security. When dealing with employees’ pay information, we wanted a trusted solution and NatPay’s system answered all of our concerns.

Flexibility was also very important because the more efficient and flexible a solution is, the less costly it is. Functionality was key because it leads to easier and greater acceptance by end users. Doculivery provided BGCMP a customized payroll solution quickly and easily with an integration time of only weeks rather than months as with other online document management solutions.

“We estimate that Doculivery will save us over $2,300 each year in postage, paper, envelopes, and staff time in stuffing and mailing envelopes. This savings will increase over time given rising postage costs,” Putman stated.

When asked how the employees adapted to their new online pay statement system, Putman remarked “We have received nothing but positive comments from our staff. The most frequent comment is how easy Doculivery is to use. The staff at NatPay was extremely helpful in setting up Doculivery. We had some glitches because of our software, but NatPay was able to handle them without delay.”

Click here to read this case study in NatPay’s Case studies section.


Doculivery Delivers for the St. Petersburg Times

Doculivery will enable the Times to streamline its payment statements to independent contractors, eliminating a three-day process to print, collate, package and deliver statements. Now, vendors can simply review their statements online.

Tampa, FL (February 25, 2009) – National Payment Corporation is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Times Publishing Co., publisher of the St. Petersburg Times, Florida’s largest newspaper, to use its web-based system that generates and stores electronic vendor statements and invoices.

The system, called Doculivery, will enable the Times to streamline its payment statements to independent contractors, eliminating a three-day process to print, collate, package and deliver statements. Now, vendors can simply review their statements online.

“We are pleased that our partnership has enabled us to streamline our business operations,” said Times CIO Janet H. Woods. “In addition, our vendors have direct access to their account, so there is no delay in getting them complete information.”

In keeping with National Payment’s go-green philosophy, Doculivery is a 100% web-based system that generates and stores electronic statements and invoices. Doculivery’s sophisticated document management system incorporates existing legacy data into a single platform independent of any particular hardware or software. Like all of NatPay’s offerings, Doculivery affords secure, convenient access to data from any Internet terminal or web-enabled wireless device. Doculivery is also fully customizable.

“Doculivery has had a great positive impact on our operations,” explains Rod Custer, Technical Consulting Manager for the Times. “Our newspaper distributors now have complete access and ownership of their own statement history.”

Clients work directly with NatPay’s technical staff to determine what they need Doculivery to do for them. A team of developers and integration specialists creates the Doculivery model that works best for them. Each organization determines who will have access to key functions, and to what extent. NatPay’s offerings are designed with simple-use as the primary goal.

To request a free demonstration, please call 1-800-927-6120 or visit the firm’s website at:
About National Payment Corporation

National Payment Corporation is one of the nation’s largest independent direct deposit providers. National Payment provides payment solutions to thousands of customers across the nation, in every industry, and in every state.

National Payment Corporation is bonded through two major insurance carriers and uses a third-party accounting firm to perform an annual audit of its records. Although National Payment Corporation processes over $7 billion dollars of customer funds each year,
it maintains an accuracy record of 100%. National Payment Corporation prides itself on the fact that it has never lost a cent
of its customers’ money.

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About Times Publishing Company

Times Publishing Co. publishes the St. Petersburg Times, Florida’s largest daily with circulation of 390,289 Sunday and 268,935 daily (ABC publisher’s statement 9/30/08). Celebrating 125 years, the Times is considered one of the top ten newspapers in the country with six Pulitzer prizes. It also is one of the nation’s last and largest independently-owned newspapers. Times Publishing also publishes the free daily tbt* Tampa Bay Times and has an award-winning web site, For more information visit:

Jounice Nealy-Brown, Times Brand Manager
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Direct Deposit Testimonial from the Hospice of the Carolina Foothills

“Our employees really enjoy the privacy of NatPay’s direct deposit service. They appreciate knowing that their pay is in their account and they don’t have to go to the bank. And I estimate that we save two to five hours every time that we process payroll.”

Jane Morris
Director of Financial Services
Hospice of the Carolina Foothills

Direct Deposit Testimonial from John B. Pierce Laboratory

“NatPay’s Customer Service representative was knowledgeable, courteous, and walked me through Web Direct Direct Deposit. It was easy, quick, and will definitely save me time.”

Richard Chumu
Laboratory Supervisor
John B. Pierce Laboratory

Case Study: Citrus County Schools Save Over $10,000 a Year with Online Pay Stubs

Citrus County Case Study

Business Profile

The Citrus County School System, located in Inverness, FL is a growing school district with 2,500 employees, 23 K-12 and specialty schools.

Business Objectives

The overall objective was to streamline remedial administrative work while providing additional convenience to employees.

The Challenge

First came the spooling, then the printing. Then the real fun began when Fedoris Franklin and her assistants in the payroll department would spend three straight days stuffing envelopes with pay stubs so a courier could deliver them to their schools. Even though 95% of CCSB employees were on direct deposit, the payroll department still had to prepare the paper pay stubs. A few days later the paper cuts would heal, but the calls would trickle in about a lost pay stub, or a request would placed for a past pay stub. This was a typical payroll cycle for the Citrus County School System.

Attempts were made to streamline the remedial administrative work, but all solutions involved purchasing cost-prohibitive, monster-sized payroll packages with a slew of unneeded extra features.

The Solution

Sam Hurst, CCSB’s Executive Director of Business Services, had never heard of NatPay’s online pay stubs when he received a call from Stacy Anthony, EZStub’s Division Manager. She explained how electronic pay stubs could eliminate the repetitive tasks of paper pay stub production, provide additional employee benefits, and increase cost savings. Best of all, NatPay’s online pay stubs would be compatible with their existing software and processes.

Rather than receive a paper stub that most employees just threw away, employees would be able to access their pay stubs online. Never again would pay stubs get lost or stolen. Since all electronic pay stubs are archived, employees wouldn’t have to waste their time (or Payroll’s) to obtain past stubs.


Two pilot groups were set up and some employees expressed concerns with security. Once it was explained that NatPay’s online pay stubs use the same security and encryption measures that banks use to transfer billions of dollars, and that online pay stubs actually eliminate the risk of paper pay stub information running through multiple human hands to get from printer to employee, the new technology was embraced.

As Citrus County became familiar with NatPay’s online pay stubs, more customized features were added. For example, Citrus County is now taking advantage of NatPay’s unique messaging feature to communicate important payroll information to specific employees.

Return on Investment

By implementing electronic pay stubs, Citrus County expects to save $8,000 to $10,000 annually. These savings combined with NatPay’s nominal implementation costs are allowing Citrus County to enjoy a virtually immediate return on their investment.

Click here to read Citrus County Schools’ case study in NatPay’s case studies section.


EZStub Electronic Pay Stubs Selected by Westinghouse to Replace Traditional Printed Pay Stubs

Tampa, FL (April 20, 2006) – Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC needed a robust, online solution to reduce paper pay stub delivery and printing costs, while also meeting high security needs that also had to be user friendly – EZStub became the solution.

Like most companies, Westinghouse has been printing all pay stubs in house and mailing them to employees. Implementation of a paperless pay stub solution would significantly reduce printing and delivery costs.

Many payroll processors and businesses use computers to process their payroll, and even benefit from direct deposit – but still continue to print and distribute pay stubs by hand or mail. EZStub, from National Payment Corporation, is the final piece of the puzzle that completes the money saving process of a paperless payroll.

“National Payment Corporation was willing to work with us on all the enhancements we needed to meet our overall objectives for implementing a paperless pay stub solution,” explained Karen Kranz, manager of payroll and expense reporting for Westinghouse.

The number one priority for Westinghouse was for their employees to use a highly secure solution that allowed them to feel comfortable retrieving their information from the Internet as well as being very easy to use, according to Kranz.

Westinghouse rolled out EZStub in January 2006 to all monthly paid employees on direct deposit. Every cycle of the rollout process was carefully monitored, discussed, and evaluated. The EZStub system met with a favorable response from the Westinghouse employees using the solution.

“The IT team at National Payment was very patient and resourceful in helping us implement all of the suggestions that our employees had made. Communication was great and the turnaround time even better,” said Kranz.

By implementing National Payment’s EZStub electronic pay stub solutions, Westinghouse projects a savings of $40,000 in operating costs for 2006, according to Kranz.

“EZStub saves time and money for payroll administrators, human resource managers, finance officers, budget analysts, accountants, and CFOs. Employees love it because now they have instant access to their payroll records, without the need to get that information from someone else in the company. Employees also love to receive payroll information in real time, rather than waiting for delivery of a hard copy pay stub,”

“If employees need current or past pay information, they can get that from a secure web site with no need to take up the time of a payroll department employee. The value of a reduced work load and higher productivity to a company can be significant during the course of a year,” explained Stacy Anthony of National Payment Corporation.

The company maintains a web site at, and provides more information about the solution developed for Westinghouse at

About National Payment

National Payment Corporation is a leading provider of payroll distribution solutions. From web-based Direct Deposit Plus to EZStub electronic pay stubs and e-statements with invoicing, National Payment offers the latest technology for payroll and reimbursement distribution. With 15 years of experience and thousands of clients nationwide, National Payment processes over $5 billion annually in payroll transactions on their client’s behalf with 100 percent accuracy.

(c) 2006 National Payment Corporation. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

Mark R. Williams, Marketing Director
National Payment Corporation
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