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Online W-2s for 2014

Online W-2s for 2014

With the 2014 W-2 season rapidly approaching, NatPay is striving to make it as easy as possible for our customers.

There are several service and printing options available this year. Please visit to read about this year’s options, and select the ones that work best for your organization.

Please make your selections by November 14th, 2014.

For more information about 2014 W-2 services, please contact your Doculivery Support Specialist Lisa Legarreta by phone at 813-222-0333 x119, or by email at [email protected].

PRESS RELEASE: NatPay Provides New Payroll Optimization Service Reducing G&A Costs for Payroll Professionals

National Payment Corporation (NatPay) has recently started offering clients a new payroll optimization service that provides immediate savings by drastically reducing the number of per-item charges that payroll professionals encounter with their banks on an ongoing basis.

NatPay’s Payroll Optimizer service is a huge benefit for many payroll clients that undergo an optimization review to find out if they are a candidate for reduced per-item fees that ultimately reduce G&A costs. Payroll processors currently using MPAY or Millennium software are seeing the optimization process work effectively by having NatPay combine individual credit entries into one entry for the bank. The result is that processors are only being charged by their bank for one entry instead of hundreds or thousands which results in substantial savings for payroll processors.

“WPS Payroll has been using NatPay’s Payroll Optimizer service for 2 ½ weeks, and in that time, the service has reduced the number of transactions clearing our bank accounts by over 1000 entries! Reconciliation now takes much less time every day, and has saved us from paying a substantial amount in bank charges. The Payroll Optimizer service has more than lived up to our expectations. We would highly recommend it to anyone in the payroll industry,” said Andy Telanoff, President of WPS Payroll.

The Payroll Optimizer service is currently available for MPAY and Millennium software users.  NatPay clients using other software packages should take advantage of an optimization review by NatPay to discuss options for optimizing your particular payroll processes to easily save time and money. NatPay prides itself on its abilities to work closely with payroll professionals for an optimal payroll process that’s right for them, and results in lower general and administrative costs now and in the future.

“New payroll services like Payroll Optimizer, continue NatPay’s tradition of providing its clients with partner-like services that originate from client requests. Try calling a bank and asking them to create a service that will save you money and see what happens,” states Jim Hagen, VP of Sales for NatPay.

“Exemplar service for our clients after the sell is of the utmost importance for the entire NatPay team. Timely, one-on-one human support is always available by phone or email so that clients always receive the level of high-quality service that they have come to expect and deserve. We are always focused on improving the NatPay experience for our clients which they appreciate,” says Steve Pereira, VP & General Manager for NatPay.

Case Study – Butler County Schools, Kentucky


Butler County Schools in Kentucky is a local school district with over 300 full-time  employees. Like many school systems today, Butler County schools were researching ways to save money, improve processes, and streamline their school system as a whole in order to fully maximize their budget. Like many other schools, paperless payroll solutions seemed to provide an answer to this problem.

“We wanted to eliminate paper pay stubs and W-2 forms, and give our employees access to them through a website,” stated Travis Johnson, Payroll Manager for Butler County schools. Johnson wanted to find a paperless statement solution that would be easy for employees to use, and also be secure so that employees’ pay information would be protected online. “We were looking for a product that was user friendly, cost effective, and very secure,” remarked Johnson.

After a thorough research process, Johnson chose NatPay for online pay stubs and W-2s. This decision was based on a variety of factors that all came together in support of NatPay’s Doculivery online pay stub and online W-2 services. It was paramount that the Doculivery system be easy to use, and simple for Butler County School employees to adopt. “Doculivery is very user friendly. Setup only takes a few minutes, and there is almost no learning curve,” said Johnson.

Having employee pay information online also meant that security was a top priority for Butler County school employees. “Many employees were initially concerned about the security of their pay information, but once they experienced how easy and secure the Doculivery system was to use, those fears went away. I was also concerned with disaster recovery and upload security, but all my concerns were put at ease when I learned about NatPay’s security features,” said Johnson.

NatPay has completed a SSAE 16 SOC 1 audit (formerly SAS 70 Type II) which means that very stringent security procedures are maintained on a daily basis. Doculivery clients are assured that their pay information is kept safe and secure using the latest, Industry-standard security protocols and encryption methods.

Many clients that search for paperless solutions are concerned with the integration process taking too many months to implement. Based on industry results, it takes 16 to 22 weeks to adopt an online pay stub process which is why Doculivery’s 6 to 8 week integration time period looks so attractive. This rapid implementation process allows many clients to realize a faster ROI. “Integration was simple. I got the programmers the reports out of Munis (our payroll software) and NatPay built the system around them.  Once we were set up, NatPay’s support staff walked me through the upload process. It was all very simple,” remarked Johnson.

The Group Administration features of Doculivery provided additional benefits for Butler County. Like other companies who have limited payroll personnel, the system must accommodate various levels of payroll staff using the system, and provide simple administrator functions that do not require a technical or IT representative.

“Since I am the only person with administrator rights (besides a person for backup) it was important that administration did not require a lot of time. Doculivery is simple. I can unlock someone, or update an employee very quickly,” said Johnson. “I was told that if I could get the information to NatPay, then the programmers could make Doculivery do what I needed it to do. So far, they have come through 100% of time.”

After using the Doculivery system for a few months, Butler County Schools anticipates a significant savings over conventional paper methods. “By just using Doculivery for online pay stubs and W-2s, we are able to project about a 50% savings from the old way of printing paper stubs. We are saving on the paper for stubs and W-2s, as well as the ink used to print them, and also on all of the postage costs,” remarked Johnson.

Employee feedback from Butler County school employees has been quite favorable. “Everyone is uneasy about change, but after we rolled out Doculivery online pay stubs, I can say that I haven’t had anyone complain about them. I have even heard from some of my employees that I was worried about saying how simple the system is,” said Johnson.

Now that Butler County school District is enjoying tremendous savings by adopting Doculivery online pay stubs and W-2s, Johnson intends to increase their paperless projects for additional savings, and to further streamline their business processes.

“We are very happy customers, and are excited about using Doculivery for other paperless solutions in the future,” said Johnson.

Doculivery Case Study for Russell Standard Corporation

Russell Standard logo

Russell Standard is a family-owned company, and employs over 350 workers servicing virtually every municipality in the region. Russell Standard offers both new construction and maintenance of virtually any asphalt-related project, from private driveways to interstate highways. Additionally, Russell Standard is a manufacturer of asphalt materials, emulsions and coatings.

Like many companies today faced with the reality of reducing costs and streamlining operations, Russell Standard chose NatPay to help reduce paper and evolve to an online payroll process. Doculivery is a NatPay solution that provides any size of business with online document solutions that cover all areas of business: Payroll, AP, AR, and HR. The first step in going green for Russell Standard was to start with online pay stubs and online W-2s.

“Russell Standard wanted to move our payroll process forward – the goal was to save time and money. Before NatPay, I had to print, stuff, and mail 100-150 checks a week,” said Cathy Evans, Payroll Manager for Russell Standard. Employees now enjoy 24/7 safe and secure access to their pay information and W-2 tax forms online. Production and administration costs were drastically reduced and operations became more streamlined as a result of utilizing the Doculivery solution.

Cost and ease of use were two main factors in searching for the solution to Russell Standard’s business. “I needed it to be very user friendly as some of our guys know nothing about computers. I also was concerned about the cost as I was trying to save money. I also was very pleased to find NatPay through the APA,” remarked Evans.

As an APA member, NatPay regularly updates clients on any payroll changes that affect their solutions to maintain compliancy.

Besides ease of use, Russell Standard was concerned about the integration process and what it takes to make the paperless transition. With virtually no IT staff available, Evans was excited that NatPay provided a quick and seamless integration that required no additional staff or technical programming knowledge. “I am pretty good with computers, but I have no idea what it takes to create the check stub that the employees view – so it was important to have someone who would take the time to work with me to get the best file for them.” A key differentiator of NatPay’s Doculivery online document solution is how fast system integrations occur. Most NatPay paperless payroll solutions are completed in weeks rather than months – usually half the time of many online document solutions in the marketplace. A dedicated NatPay team is assigned to ensure a smooth transition to a paperless payroll process.

NatPay understands clients’ concerns to preserve confidentiality and privacy at all times and utilizes the latest technology and safeguards to ensure that client data remains safe. “This was very important. Payroll is a very sensitive area. We needed to know that our information was secure,” remarked Evans.

Click here to read Russell Standard’s case study in NatPay’s case studies section.


Businesses Enter Busy W-2 Season With Solutions and Savings

Though nearly 2.6 million Americans lost their jobs this past year, the busy season for businesses to file W-2 forms is still underway.  The end of the year is not only the busiest time for business and it is the least desired time to tie up time and resources creating employee W-2s.  The dreaded W-2 season means paper trails, stressed out employees and mistake-laden processes.  But many businesses are finding a solution.
National Payment Corporation (NatPay) is one of the nation’s largest independent direct deposit providers.  The company provides payroll distribution solutions to businesses across the nation in every industry and in every state.  This company’s product, Doculivery, eliminates or reduces the printing and distribution of paper-based W-2s and offers secure electronic W-2s and a simple consent process for electronic W-2s.
“Many of our customers are no longer even experiencing the W-2 season,” says Steven Pereira, NatPay’s Executive Vice President and General Manager. “With Doculivery, the seasonal headaches and expenses of creating W-2s are eliminated.  Call centers do not need temporary staffing and printing and distribution costs decline dramatically,” Pereira says.
“Companies no longer spend money on paper and printing and ink, readily improving the bottom line.”  Pereira explains.  “Doculivery gives employees direct access via self-service over the Internet.   These same employees are able to obtain their own W-2 reprints online and at no additional cost, which further reduces the time and efforts of the business staff.   Employees can reorder reprints of W-2s from anywhere and at any time.  Many companies can charge from $5.00 up to 20.00 a reprint.  Companies are going green while simplifying life, the NatPay way.”
National Payment Corporation is bonded through two major insurance carriers and uses a third-party accounting firm to perform an annual audit of its records.   Processing over $7-billion of customer funds each year, National Payment Corporation maintains an accuracy record of 100%.

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Iron County Schools Case Study

Iron County School logo

Iron County School District, located in Cedar City, Utah, is a growing school district with over 1500 employees. Like many school districts across the nation, Iron County Schools set out to reduce payroll costs, and ultimately chose online W-2s and pay stubs as part of the Doculivery online document solution from NatPay.

The main business objective of Iron County Schools that led them to NatPay was to utilize an online payroll solution to help streamline their payroll operations. “We were interested in reducing costs and increasing convenience through online distribution of pay stubs and W-2s for employees,” stated Mike Mitchell, Accounting Dept. for Iron County Schools.

Several factors were key in searching for the solution to their business problem.

“Cost was our primary factor, but user friendliness and flexibility were also important influencers as well,” stated Mitchell. NatPay provides online document solutions for dozens of school districts across the nation and realizes what it takes for school districts to experience a successful and seamless integration for adopting an online pay stub and W-2 solution.

“We wanted the solution to be easy to use and provide integration support as well,” stated Mitchell. NatPay uses the latest in SSL security, Geotrust certificates, and a 3-tier firewall to safeguard client data. Employees login to a safe and secure website to access their pay information. Online pay stubs and W-2s present the school district with a valuable employee self-service benefit, and employees love being able to access their pay information 24/7, and receive text messages that their pay is in the bank.

Immediate ROI is another aspect of implementing an online document solution that many schools enjoy. Many organizations realize a return on investment in as little as two months after rollout. “We are still evaluating this but it appears that we will realize a positive return on investment. We are pleased with the results thus far,” remarked Mitchell.

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