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Online W-2s for 2014

Online W-2s for 2014

With the 2014 W-2 season rapidly approaching, NatPay is striving to make it as easy as possible for our customers.

There are several service and printing options available this year. Please visit to read about this year’s options, and select the ones that work best for your organization.

Please make your selections by November 14th, 2014.

For more information about 2014 W-2 services, please contact your Doculivery Support Specialist Lisa Legarreta by phone at 813-222-0333 x119, or by email at [email protected].

Whatʼs on the horizon for the electronic document management environment?

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, such as online payroll, will continue to drive the paperless trend.

While the fundamentals of payroll have not changed, we are in the middle of a payroll process revolution. The emphasis will shift from “software” to “service.”

At NatPay, our focus has always been to give equal priority to service. SaaS offers more flexibility and choice.

For example, some clients may want to be billed per payroll, while others prefer quarterly. You want to be sure your payroll partner gives you that kind of flexibility.

It is only a matter of time before direct deposit completely replaces checks in the vast majority of small businesses across the country.

All Document Management systems share one significant inefficiency: the time it takes to check a document into the system. Systems require that you enter certain document properties like title, retention period, category, storage location, etc.

One document might take 20 seconds, which may not seem like much time. However, what if there were a hundred or more documents a day to check in? Now we are talking about 20 minutes per day or more.

Or what if a firm just completed 1,000 tax returns and wanted to store them in its document management system? How long would that take to check them in?

We are constantly striving to improve product efficiency. We are in the process of adding sophisticated automation features to Doculivery that will recognize and automatically check in a significant portion of documents including emails and large batches of tax returns, invoices, or other forms created from other programs or scanned into Doculivery system. This technology represents a large step forward in the evolution of document management software.

Contact us today at 800-284-0113 to find out your cost savings when adopting an online document management solution with NatPay.

Doculivery Case Study for Russell Standard Corporation

Russell Standard logo

Russell Standard is a family-owned company, and employs over 350 workers servicing virtually every municipality in the region. Russell Standard offers both new construction and maintenance of virtually any asphalt-related project, from private driveways to interstate highways. Additionally, Russell Standard is a manufacturer of asphalt materials, emulsions and coatings.

Like many companies today faced with the reality of reducing costs and streamlining operations, Russell Standard chose NatPay to help reduce paper and evolve to an online payroll process. Doculivery is a NatPay solution that provides any size of business with online document solutions that cover all areas of business: Payroll, AP, AR, and HR. The first step in going green for Russell Standard was to start with online pay stubs and online W-2s.

“Russell Standard wanted to move our payroll process forward – the goal was to save time and money. Before NatPay, I had to print, stuff, and mail 100-150 checks a week,” said Cathy Evans, Payroll Manager for Russell Standard. Employees now enjoy 24/7 safe and secure access to their pay information and W-2 tax forms online. Production and administration costs were drastically reduced and operations became more streamlined as a result of utilizing the Doculivery solution.

Cost and ease of use were two main factors in searching for the solution to Russell Standard’s business. “I needed it to be very user friendly as some of our guys know nothing about computers. I also was concerned about the cost as I was trying to save money. I also was very pleased to find NatPay through the APA,” remarked Evans.

As an APA member, NatPay regularly updates clients on any payroll changes that affect their solutions to maintain compliancy.

Besides ease of use, Russell Standard was concerned about the integration process and what it takes to make the paperless transition. With virtually no IT staff available, Evans was excited that NatPay provided a quick and seamless integration that required no additional staff or technical programming knowledge. “I am pretty good with computers, but I have no idea what it takes to create the check stub that the employees view – so it was important to have someone who would take the time to work with me to get the best file for them.” A key differentiator of NatPay’s Doculivery online document solution is how fast system integrations occur. Most NatPay paperless payroll solutions are completed in weeks rather than months – usually half the time of many online document solutions in the marketplace. A dedicated NatPay team is assigned to ensure a smooth transition to a paperless payroll process.

NatPay understands clients’ concerns to preserve confidentiality and privacy at all times and utilizes the latest technology and safeguards to ensure that client data remains safe. “This was very important. Payroll is a very sensitive area. We needed to know that our information was secure,” remarked Evans.

Click here to read Russell Standard’s case study in NatPay’s case studies section.


1099Link – The Electronic Answer for Newly-Required 1099 Forms

New Regulations Mandate 1099s for Products and Services

Tampa, FL (PRWeb) September 8, 2010 – National Payment Corporation, a twenty-year veteran in the payment, tax form, and payroll industry, is introducing 1099Link to allow electronic transmission and receipt of 1099s and W-9s for businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations beginning January 1, 2011.

A provision in the new Health Care Bill requires businesses, governments, and non-profits to issue a 1099 tax form if they buy more than $600 in goods or services during the year from a vendor. This requirement could affect an estimated 38 million entities with new filing requirements.

“We already have experience providing electronic W-2s for companies and their employees,” said Steven Pereira, Vice President and General Manager of National Payment, “1099Link simplifies the burden of compliance for organizations currently filing 1099s on paper and our expertise will streamline the process for corporations, governments, and non-profits that will be required to file and receive 1099s under the new regulations.”

Instead of mailing thousands of 1099s at the end of the year, customers may now transmit a file to 1099Link at any time during the year. If their vendors have opted to receive 1099s electronically through 1099Link, the tax forms are presented electronically, and are stored for future access. Otherwise they will be printed and mailed automatically. It’s expected that most recipients of 1099 forms will choose electronic receipt to streamline reconciliation and storage.

“By linking the senders and receivers of these tax forms electronically, 1099Link enables both parties to fulfill the IRS requirements under the new law,” said Steven Pereira. “In addition to being easier, sending the forms electronically will cost much less than traditional printing and mailing.”

1099Link accepts tax form files in virtually any format, including XML, PDF, spreadsheet, and plain text. Tax form information can even be entered individually online for low volume filers. The system works with most accounting software programs. Filers can also choose to use 1099Link to submit the forms to the IRS electronically. Recipients may elect to download their tax forms, print them, or simply store them for future access to fulfill IRS record keeping requirements.

Fees depend on whether the 1099 is presented electronically to the recipient, or if the forms are printed and mailed. There is no fee for 1099 recipients.

Included with 1099Link is W9Clearinghouse, a system that allows companies to electronically post and retrieve W-9 tax forms, which are required by the IRS before a 1099 may be properly issued.

“National Payment understands that no organization likes to deal with new IRS regulations,” said Pereira. “That is why our goal is to simplify compliance, and take the paper out of the paperwork for 1099s.”

To learn more about 1099Link please visit

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Businesses Enter Busy W-2 Season With Solutions and Savings

Though nearly 2.6 million Americans lost their jobs this past year, the busy season for businesses to file W-2 forms is still underway.  The end of the year is not only the busiest time for business and it is the least desired time to tie up time and resources creating employee W-2s.  The dreaded W-2 season means paper trails, stressed out employees and mistake-laden processes.  But many businesses are finding a solution.
National Payment Corporation (NatPay) is one of the nation’s largest independent direct deposit providers.  The company provides payroll distribution solutions to businesses across the nation in every industry and in every state.  This company’s product, Doculivery, eliminates or reduces the printing and distribution of paper-based W-2s and offers secure electronic W-2s and a simple consent process for electronic W-2s.
“Many of our customers are no longer even experiencing the W-2 season,” says Steven Pereira, NatPay’s Executive Vice President and General Manager. “With Doculivery, the seasonal headaches and expenses of creating W-2s are eliminated.  Call centers do not need temporary staffing and printing and distribution costs decline dramatically,” Pereira says.
“Companies no longer spend money on paper and printing and ink, readily improving the bottom line.”  Pereira explains.  “Doculivery gives employees direct access via self-service over the Internet.   These same employees are able to obtain their own W-2 reprints online and at no additional cost, which further reduces the time and efforts of the business staff.   Employees can reorder reprints of W-2s from anywhere and at any time.  Many companies can charge from $5.00 up to 20.00 a reprint.  Companies are going green while simplifying life, the NatPay way.”
National Payment Corporation is bonded through two major insurance carriers and uses a third-party accounting firm to perform an annual audit of its records.   Processing over $7-billion of customer funds each year, National Payment Corporation maintains an accuracy record of 100%.

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Coupons or Notifications: Businesses Benefit by Going Paperless

There are now 36 million people using Internet coupons, or nearly quadruple the number from three years ago, according to a recent study released by Simmons/Experian Research and Coupons Inc.
While companies are starting to send text-message coupons that arrive on cell phones, businesses are addressing the challenge of going paperless with such systems as NatPay’s Doculivery.

“Businesses are seeing the benefits of decreasing paperwork,” says Jim Hagen, Vice President of Sales at NatPay.  “And our customers are already seeing the value and security of going paperless.”

Doculivery consolidates data into a unique web-based tool accessible from any Internet-ready location. Secure online pay stubs, W-2 and 1099 forms, invoices and customer statements are created and delivered in less time and at far less expense than traditional paper models Hagen says.

“These savings extend far beyond the value of eliminated storage cabinets and paper.  Going paperless is a valuable business tactic that eliminates the cumbersome paper world and provides a less expensive, more secure way of doing business.”

Additional Doculivery features include online payment, automated forms, and targeted search and reporting tools.  “These features are in demand by businesses which are trying to modernize and streamline.” Hagen explained.

“Our customers also use Doculivery to save with payroll expenses.  This system adheres to all federal tax filing requirements and state payroll laws.  Our Doculivery product is customizable and is a privacy safeguard.  Businesses have immediate, convenient access to previous years’ tax and payroll documents. This function enables users to quickly and easily produce documents required for audit, regulatory and legal purposes,” Hagen says.

Doculivery consolidates data from existing legacy systems.  XML programming and NET Framework.  The system allows for revisions and upgrades, advanced customization features, and customer-centric enhancements unmatched by older, less dynamic programming models.

So whether coupons or your latest payroll information is sent to your cell phone, consumers and business alike are finding the concept of going paperless minimizes exposure, saves money and prevents data loss.

Government and Business Find Value in Going Paperless

As part of his commitment to cut spending and reform government, President Obama is asking his cabinet to cut a collective 100 million dollars in the next 90 days. One measure of this cost cutting is the directive to go paperless. In response, the U.S. Attorneys and the U.S. Marshals Offices’ Asset Forfeiture program are converting publication of judicial forfeiture notices from newspapers to the Internet. This paperless initiative is expected to save $6.7 million over the first 5 years.

NATPAY‘s Doculivery system offers some of these same benefits to business. “Our clients are already seeing the benefits of going paperless.” says Jim Hagen, Vice President of Sales at NatPay.“ Our Doculivery product consolidates data into a unique web-based tool accessible from any Internet-ready location.”

Secure online pay stubs, W-2 and 1099 forms, invoices and customer statements are created and delivered in less time and at far less expense than traditional paper models Hagen says. “The savings extend far beyond the value of eliminated file cabinets and paper. Going paperless is a valuable business strategy in these economic times and it is a less expensive, more secure way of doing business.” Hagen explained.

Additional Doculivery features, include online payment, automated fillable forms, and targeted search and reporting tools. “These are in demand by businesses which are trying to modernize and streamline.” Hagen said.

“The Doculivery system adheres to all federal tax filing requirements and state payroll laws,” Hagen explained. “Our system is customizable and is designed to safeguard privacy. Businesses have immediate, convenient access to previous years’ tax and payroll documents. Users can quickly and easily produce documents required for audit, regulatory and legal purposes.” Hagen said. “Doculivery has become a must-have for many organizations.”

Both the government and businesses are finding greater security in encryption certificates and firewall protection. Both are also are finding that going paperless actually minimizes exposure, prevents critical file loss – the savings can be tremendous. The Department of State’s National Visa Center (NVC) will implement electronic correspondence for immigrant visa processing. The NVC anticipates the cost savings in the first year of implementation of this paperless process to be approximately $1 million. If necessity is the mother of invention, both government and business alike are finding the benefits in going paperless.

The Times They are A-Changin’ – St. Petersburg Times Chooses EZStub Electronic Pay Stubs

St. Petersburg, FL (May 2007) – The St. Petersburg Times, Florida’s largest newspaper, has snubbed paper pay stubs and will begin providing its staffers with EZStub electronic pay stubs from National Payment Corporation.

With circulation of more than 400,000 copies each Sunday, the Times is the 22nd largest newspaper in America and by far the leader in the burgeoning Tampa Bay marketplace. Starting this month, the Times will provide its 1,400 full-time staffers and hundreds of part-timers with EZStub paperless pay stubs to eliminate the expense of creating, printing, and distributing paper versions. Times staffers will enjoy secure online access to their pay stub information 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.

“EZStub users also receive free email notifications and payday text alerts, which is very popular with employees who want to get their information on their cell phones or PDAs,” says Jim Hagen NatPay’s Vice President of Sales.

“With news each day of rising costs, we need to find ways to leverage technology and control our expenses,” said Phillip Horne, accounting manager at the Times. “We are excited about this new benefit for our staffers with the time and cost savings it will bring.”

More information about EZStub online pay stubs is available by phone at 800-927-6120 or NatPay’s website at

About NatPay

NatPay is one of the nation’s largest independent direct deposit providers. NatPay provides payroll distribution solutions to thousands of customers across the nation, in every industry, and in every state.

NatPay is bonded through two major insurance carriers and uses a third-party accounting firm to perform an annual audit of its records. Although NatPay processes over $5 billion dollars of customer funds each year, it maintains an accuracy record of 100%. NatPay prides itself on the fact that it has never lost a penny of its customers’ money.

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