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Whatʼs on the horizon for the electronic document management environment?

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, such as online payroll, will continue to drive the paperless trend.

While the fundamentals of payroll have not changed, we are in the middle of a payroll process revolution. The emphasis will shift from “software” to “service.”

At NatPay, our focus has always been to give equal priority to service. SaaS offers more flexibility and choice.

For example, some clients may want to be billed per payroll, while others prefer quarterly. You want to be sure your payroll partner gives you that kind of flexibility.

It is only a matter of time before direct deposit completely replaces checks in the vast majority of small businesses across the country.

All Document Management systems share one significant inefficiency: the time it takes to check a document into the system. Systems require that you enter certain document properties like title, retention period, category, storage location, etc.

One document might take 20 seconds, which may not seem like much time. However, what if there were a hundred or more documents a day to check in? Now we are talking about 20 minutes per day or more.

Or what if a firm just completed 1,000 tax returns and wanted to store them in its document management system? How long would that take to check them in?

We are constantly striving to improve product efficiency. We are in the process of adding sophisticated automation features to Doculivery that will recognize and automatically check in a significant portion of documents including emails and large batches of tax returns, invoices, or other forms created from other programs or scanned into Doculivery system. This technology represents a large step forward in the evolution of document management software.

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