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Bismarck Schools Adopt Greener Payroll Practices to Save Money, Time, and Trees

Tampa, FL (March 12, 2008) – As part of a comprehensive effort to streamline its payroll procedures and empower its workforce, Bismarck Public Schools are going green. They’ve adopted National Payment’s EZStub online pay stub service as part of a “less-paper” initiative that saves money, time, and valuable human and natural resources.

National Payment hosts employee payroll data on a secure website that employees can access from any computer with an Internet connection, so employees can now view their stubs from virtually anywhere — whether they’re at home, at work, traveling on business, or even on vacation. And even more importantly, with access to up to four years of payroll records, employees can retrieve their information without having to contact anyone in the payroll department — the ultimate benefit in terms of convenience and flexibility for employees.

Bismarck public school employees were already using direct deposit to receive their paychecks, so online pay stubs were the logical next step in the process. “We really feel that our payroll office is setting an example by taking advantage of the benefits that technology offers to be able to process and pay staff in a very efficient and state-of-the-art manner. We brag about how many ‘trees we’ve saved’ since we’ve implemented direct deposit and EZStub. I think our staff really like being able to look up their pay information whenever they want without having to bother someone in payroll, because they know how busy they already are,” explains Ed Gerhardt, Business Manager for Bismarck Public Schools.

Prior to the schools’ implementation of EZStub, an entire day had to be devoted to stuffing envelopes and distributing paper pay stubs to staff members during each pay period. In addition to the paper being used to print the stubs, employees used box after box of envelopes to complete the task. Gerhardt knew there had to be a better way, and after receiving information about EZStub at a conference for the Association of School Business Officials, he knew he’d found the solution. “I realized that it was something that could save us considerable time and expense on our payroll processing,” Gerhardt explained.

National Payment offers an exclusive line of paperless payroll services, including direct deposit, online pay stubs, employee paycards, and electronic statement generation and billing services. For more information, please visit National Payment Corporation’s education website at or call 1-800-927-6120 for a free demonstration.

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