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COMING SOON: Two-Factor Authentication for Additional Security on

In this age of phishing attacks and identity thefts, relying on a login password alone does not guarantee online security. No matter how strong or complex your primary password might be, an online account stands the risk of a breach if a password happens to fall into the wrong hands.

With hundreds of thousands of users relying on NatPay for ACH services, ensuring information security is an important priority for us. not only helps you to run your business, it holds some of your sensitive business data, which is why NatPay will be offering Two-Factor Authentication to our customers as an additional security option towards the end of August 2016.

Two-Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of protection to your account so that you may rest assured that access to your account is safe and secure.

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

2FA provides an additional layer of security to access your account. It requires two successive factors: ‘something you know’ (your password) and ‘something you have access to’ (your mobile phone or email address, for example). 2FA helps to greatly reduce account compromises due to phishing attacks and other online frauds.

How Does 2FA Work?

Once 2FA is enabled, you first log into your NatPay account with the usual credentials. You will then receive a uniquely-generated verification code to your phone as an SMS text message, or a specified email address which you then enter on to complete the login process.

Two-Factor Authentication

Optional, But Highly Recommended 

2FA is completely optional. But, from a security standpoint, 2FA is highly recommended. Security benefits of 2FA far outweigh the minor inconvenience of having to authenticate through a two-step process.