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Computers reduce skyrocketing health care costs

About 100,000 Americans die from medical errors in hospitals every year and one-quarter of all-medical spending goes to administrative and overhead costs. The reliance on antiquated paper-based record and information systems needlessly increases these costs. Addressing the hospital problem of old fashioned paper based records is an electronic pay stub solution known as EZStub.

Developed by NATPAY, this electronic pay stub solution helps hospitals avoid the cost associated with printing, distributing and providing employees with paper pay stubs.

“The cost to generate and mail our pay stubs was simply growing out of control,” says Donna Dewey, Fauquier Health System’s Supervisor of AP Payroll. “This system saves time and effort because employees are able to obtain current and past pay stub information on their own with EZStub’s online self-serve features. The message fields right alongside an employees’ pay stubs allow us to communicate quickly and easily to specific employees or to everyone.”

After reviewing their options, Fauquier selected NATPAY’s EZStub paperless pay stubs.

With EZStub, employees view current and previous pay stubs through a secure website, over email, or as a free payday text alert conveniently delivered to their cell phone or PDA. Fauquier Health System no longer has to print and mail over 900 paper pay stubs each pay period. Moreover, the cost of retrieving records is eliminated. “We knew the cost to generate and mail our pay stubs would increase as we grew, “ says Dewey. “But, EZStub has removed this cost.” Since implementing EZStub did not require the use of any new hardware or software, Fauquier’s transition from paper to paperless was simple. “Employees were most impressed with EZStub’s flexibility and ease of use. The staff was easy to work with and able to support everything we needed and more.

The company created a separate link to our newsletter right at the bottom of the pay stub screen. Our new pay stub looks more professional as well.” Dewey explained. While medical records and errors are still trying to be resolved, the EZStub system is decreasing the cost of running medical facilities. Despite skyrocketing health care costs, there are cures for some overhead problems. EZStub finds its way through the hospital system and directly into the employee’s pocket.