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Considering the Percentage of Lost Mail in US Postal System — Doculivery Solves Many Problems

What percentage of mail is lost by the US post office?  Wikipedia says 3%, but measuring is difficult.   Even the Government Accountability Office (GAO) says some post office assessment criteria are “unsuitable as benchmarks.” In addition, the post office “does not measure and report its delivery performance for most types of mail.”

Knowing this, how can employees be sure sensitive information, such as W-2 statements, arrive in a protected, confidential fashion?

National Payment Corporation (NatPay) has the answer.  In addition, it saves both the employer and the employee time and money.

National Payment Corporation (NatPay) is one of the nation’s largest independent direct deposit providers.  The company provides payroll distribution solutions to businesses across the nation in every industry and in every state.  This company’s product, Doculivery, eliminates both the printing and distribution of paper-based W-2s and offers secure electronic W-2s with a simple, secure consent process.

“Doculivery drastically reduces the number of hands and eyes that traditional paper W-2s pass through,” says Steven Pereira, NatPay’s Executive Vice President and General Manager. “In addition, for the employer, Doculivery eliminates the seasonal headaches and expenses of creating W-2s.  Call centers do not need temporary staffing and printing and distribution costs decline.  And, I mean dramatically,” Pereira explains.

“Companies no longer spend money on paper and printing and ink, readily improving the bottom line.”  Pereira comments.  “Doculivery gives employees direct access via self-service over the Internet.   These same employees are able to obtain their own W-2 reprints by phone or fax, which further reduces the time and efforts of the business staff.   Employees can reorder reprints of W-2s from anywhere and at any time.  Another added benefit of Doculivery’s W-2 feature is the ability for employees to import their electronic W-2s directly into their tax preparation software.   It’s a whole lot safer, less expensive, and destroys the old excuse of saying ‘the check’s in the mail’.”

For further information on how Doculivery can save your company money while at the same time provide employees with a quicker return on the tax refund, simply call National Payment Corporation at 813-222-0333 or visit

National Payment Corporation bonds through two major insurance carriers and uses a third-party accounting firm to perform an annual audit of its records.   Processing over $7-billion of customer funds each year, National Payment Corporation maintains an accuracy record of 100%.