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Doculivery Case Study for City of Minot

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Business Profile

The City of Minot, the fourth largest city in North Dakota, is a “micropolitan” city that approximately 37,000 people proudly call their home. Its low crime rate, high standards of living, and enviable education standards are testaments of the faithfulness of its citizens, and their individual social responsibilities.

Minot, also known as the “Magic City,” is a precious jewel of the Dakotas that proudly holds two scepters of the US Air Force’s prowess wings: the 5th Bomb Wing, and the 91st Space Wing. Minot Air Force Base is located 12 miles north of Minot. Throughout the years, Minot, the Ward County seat, has been a railhead and a military center. Today, the community stands strong in diverse sectors that include: agriculture, healthcare, education, tourism, business, and retail.

The Challenge

With approximately 300 employees, the City of Minot set out to go green and to save money while doing it. The main goals were to find solutions to streamline payroll processes for cost containment, and to reduce repetitive tasks that employees were currently enduring.

The Solution

The searched ended when the City of Minot discovered NatPay’s Doculivery online document management services. The scalable, paperless components of Doculivery provided the perfect paperless payroll solutions. The primary objective to save money and streamline payroll processes was achieved using the online pay statement component. “We set out to reduce costs, and find more environmentally friendly ways of doing business. We accomplished this with the Doculivery online pay stub solution,” remarked Jason S. McKibben, IT Specialist for the City of Minot.

Several factors were key while searching for the perfect solution. Many organizations who pursue paperless services want to make sure that they are easy to use and convenient for their employees. Security is also a primary concern given the sensitive nature of the payroll data that is electronically displayed. Finally, costs of such a paperless system – from implementation to maintenance and storage – were extremely important to the City of Minot.

Doculivery made the grade with Minot by meeting every one of their concerns with positive results. “Doculivery is a very easy system for the end user to use. There was very little training involved. Employees like the user notification options that are available to them. The text option is a great feature,” Stated McKibben.

Doculivery employs state-of-the-art security and industry-leading technology to guarantee the safety of employee data. Safeguards such as SSL encryption, GeoTrust certificates, and SAS 70 Type II audits eliminate any trepidation of compromised personal data. “NatPay has excellent security policies in use, and eased any and all concerns that we had about security issues. The administration console is very easy to use, and our administrators had no problems with the upload to release process,” remarked McKibben.

Doculivery’s implementation time frame is one of the key differentiators that helps make Doculivery shine. NatPay’s ability to upgrade an organization with a paperless payroll process via the the Doculivery platform is within 4 to 6 weeks – which is among the shortest time frames when compared to the industry average of 16 to 22 weeks. “Reducing the implementation timeline by 75% provides our clients the opportunity to experience an easier transition to paperless, and an immediate ROI for greater value,” stated Mark Williams, NatPay’s Marketing Director.

“The implementation process went very smoothly. Users and HR administrators are enjoying the Doculivery system,” said McKibben. It will definitely save our city time and money because HR no longer has to print, stuff, and seal the paper stubs which reduces their workload substantially. The file upload process takes only minutes, and is much more efficient than the paper system. The overall process from integration to implementation was very straightforward.”