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An Integrated Approach to Document Processing and Finance Solutions

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Paper documentation is quickly becoming obsolete. Consider switching to an integrated solution like NatPay for your document processing and financial needs.

When it comes to document processing, it helps to integrate all your solutions into one easy platform. Rather than struggling to keep track of scattered paper documents loaded with highly sensitive information, it makes sense to choose a solution that allows you to manage, send, and receive documents in a central location. An integrated service provider gives you the power to accomplish your goals far more effectively than with traditional approaches.

Integrated digital document delivery and finance solutions also can generally work with your available assets. In addition to protecting customer data and your own data, this document processing approach allows for total customization of your current operations.

For example, an online document management solution like NatPay’s Doculivery is just the ticket. Their protected web interface allows one to send, receive, and process documents with greater speed and tighter security than, say, via the post or email with rudimentary encryption.

Further, the integrated nature of the platform allows you to handle various finance operations via one easy solution. The easy accessibility of ready e-statements and e-invoices allows for effortless documentation concurrent with your financial transactions. The system makes financial activity as simple as email—and safer than email, as well.

Whether sending pay statements, bank statements, tax statements, or any other financial documents, e-statements are the way to go. They offer convenience and customer satisfaction while decreasing paper waste and clutter, and reducing the chance of errors or lost documents.

document processing

Some Advantages of Taking An Integrated Approach to Document Processing

Taking an integrated approach to document processing offers multiple compelling advantages to make business more efficient. For starters, this method requires less storage space than paper processing. Rent costs money, and clutter is a nuisance. You can also cut out the costs of cabinets and other storage equipment.

Integrated document processing offers tighter security than paper, with precise access controls. Digital systems also track who has seen documents and when, and any modifications they may have made. Smart alerts notify organizations of access attempts immediately.

The increased security of an electronic approach allows organizations easier compliance with privacy regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). More accurate and automatic document management decreases risks regardless of industry, including fines or more severe penalties.

As another bonus, document processing systems drastically cut the time and money spent by organizations on handling information, thus increasing productivity. Search faster, connect with other services effortlessly, and use documents securely from anywhere. You can also collaborate more effectively with an integrated approach, even with external partners.

In case of an unexpected disaster, a document processing system includes automatic backups, something a paper filing system cannot offer. This makes your document storage far more robust, whether in the face of fire, flood, theft, or any other crisis. Staff will feel more confident with an integrated document processing system.

For example, the Butler County school system in Kentucky went paperless, switching their financial documentation processes to an entirely online model. They needed security with an affordable price tag. The school system found a user-friendly and regulation-compliant solution in NatPay’s Doculivery tool. NatPay’s services also helped them maintain security regulations easier than their old system: Doculivery functions to be compliant with SSAE 18 type 2 audit examinations, which requires an ongoing commitment to information security and data communications.

The Kentucky schools supplied the basic payroll information, and NatPay made the new system work. The setup now allows staff to administer payroll easily, at around half the total cost of using paper. With document processing, employees receive their statements securely and on time.

Integrate Your Finance Solutions!

Just as digital document management offers industry advantages, so are the benefits of an integrated approach to finance solutions.

Having a solid, stable system for making payments that work with your infrastructure can increase your efficiency. You can send payments faster, with greater reliability, and with immediately available electronic records.

E-statements and e-invoices make processing transactions a snap. Whereas delays run rampant in more analog options, integrated document and finance solutions allow instant communication, a must in this day and age. And unlike with paper statements and invoices, one can be certain their electronic counterparts only ever go where they are supposed to go, via secure encrypted connections. E-documents can cover information pertaining to medical claims, expense reports, school grades, or practically any other data that you want to keep confidential.

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Document Processing and Finance Solutions with NatPay

For handling documents without paperwork, as well as conducting payroll and other financial activities, a service provider like NatPay can be a huge help with document processing. A trusted enterprise solution can take care of the administrative work for less than it would cost to manage it yourself while powering up your execution and relieving security and compliance concerns.

Arguably the greatest advantage of using an integrated solution for document processing is increased security. E-statements and e-invoices keep documents protected in a data center with the latest technology and oversight. As account information goes through secured channels exclusively, there is no chance of leaked or stolen documents.

When it comes to financial solutions, NatPay’s Doculivery service complies with most state and federal tax and payroll regulations. Process financial information confident in the knowledge that it abides by all relevant legislation, and remains archived for later reference.

With tax and payroll data readily available, your organization can conveniently respond to any audits or other legal issues. And as new regulations emerge (because they always do) the system automatically adjusts to incorporate these changes.

When it comes to document processing and finance solutions, NatPay offers a complete package that works with your organization.

Contact NatPay today to take advantage of services such as direct deposit for paychecks, ACH payments for expense reimbursements and other applications, and secure e-statements and e-invoices.