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Highlands County Schools Go Paperless with EZStub Online Pay Stubs

Tampa, FL (May 23, 2007) – Schools in Highlands County, Florida are being schooled on the best “less-paper” payroll solutions available. Highlands County Schools Finance Coordinator Richard “Bo” Birt recently found a way to save thousands of dollars each year by offering school employees a choice: either keep receiving traditional paper pay stubs on payday or go paperless with National Payment Corporation’s EZStub online pay stub service.

Today’s school administrators have been forced to squeeze a dollar out of every dime, so the convenience and cost-effectiveness of “less-paper” payroll solutions have garnered their attention. By spending less time and money on the creation and distribution of paper pay stubs for its 1600 employees, Highlands County schools will free up resources that they can use to address critical needs in other areas. National Payment even offers special pricing for schools as part of its “Keep More Money in Your Schools” initiative.

“We think it will save several thousand dollars a year, including the time to print, insert, and distribute the pay stubs. Our employees are very happy with the EZStub service,” Birt explained.

“Employee self-serve options are just as important to employers as saving money and resources. With EZStub online pay stubs, you get both. Employers love the considerable savings, and employees enjoy having 24/7 access to their pay statements – especially when they’re purchasing a new car or a home,” stated Mark Williams, National Payment’s Marketing Director.

More information about EZStub online pay stubs is available by phone at 800-927-6120 or on the National Payment Corporation website at

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