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Reilly Electrical Contractors, Inc. (RELCO) Case Study

Reilly Electrical Contractors, Inc. (RELCO)

Business Profile

In 1993, Jim Reilly founded Reilly Electrical Contractors, Inc. (RELCO) on the principles of integrity, innovation, and quality. Since then, the company has developed into one of the leading electrical and tel/data (RELCOM) contractors in New England, and has successfully completed many of the most complex, multi-faceted projects in New England’s recent history. With four locations strategically located throughout New England, RELCO is headquartered in Easton, MA. Today, RELCO strives to improve its procedures and performance so that they may continue delivering unsurpassed value and extreme customer satisfaction – so it comes as no surprise that their recent directive to initiate a paperless payroll had become a top priority.

Business Objectives

In an effort to improve their payroll processes, Reilly sought an online solution that would provide more than just an online repository for pay statements. “We wanted to move towards a paperless payroll, and particularly wanted a solution that would encompass a direct source to communicate with employees out in the field,” remarked Jennifer Stratford, HR Director for RELCO.

The Challenge

“The online document management solution that we were searching for had to be user friendly, safe, and secure. If our employees do not find it easy to use, they will not use it,” stated Stratford. Because of RELCO’s multiple requirements, the perfect solution would have to come from a vendor that was able to provide secure online pay stub access, as well as state-of-the-art, self-serve features so that RELCO’s employees could receive pay information easily on their cell phones, and manage their preferences online.

The Solution

After careful research and consideration, RELCO chose NatPay as their pay statement vendor. Not only did NatPay’s Doculivery online document management solutions meet RELCO’s needs for security, ease of use, and functionality, NatPay’s component-based solutions provided RELCO with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that could grow and expand with RELCO’s changing needs.

“One of the unique aspects of Doculivery is that it provides employees the opportunity to receive text notifications with the pay stub information that they choose. Employees can also access their statements online safely and securely anytime, but for remote employees that don’t always have access to computers, the text-messaging feature fills the information gap. I love the text-messaging capabilities. In the construction industry, 95% of our workforce is out in the field at various job sites all across New England. To have a central location where employees can go to get pay stubs, and the ability receive important messages and communications is key,” stated Stratford.

Return on Investment

Since the implementation of online pay stubs in October 2010, Reilly Electric is on track to realize an annual savings of 10K a year from paperless pay stubs alone. Greater yearly savings and improved efficiency are also on the horizon for RELCO as they continue to integrate additional paperless services into their business processes such as online W-2s and other tax forms, onboarding/HR services, and paperless billing with click-to-pay capabilities.