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Case Study for Westinghouse Electric Company

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Business Profile

Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, offers a wide range of nuclear plant products and services to utilities throughout the world, including fuel, service and maintenance, instrumentation and control, and advanced nuclear plant designs. Nearly 50 percent of the nuclear power plants in operation worldwide, and nearly 60 percent in the United States, are based on Westinghouse technology.

Business Objectives

The overall objective was to find a robust paperless payroll solution that would reduce printing and delivery costs; and at the same time meet high security and user friendliness requirements.

The Challenge

Until recently, Westinghouse printed all pay stubs in house on high quality pressure sealed check stock and mailed each pay stub to the employee. Implementing a paperless pay stub solution would reduce these costs almost immediately. After an extensive analysis of their current situation and internal requirements for a paperless solution, Westinghouse defined criteria to rank potential vendors. Each criteria was given a weight according to their most important needs. These included: security, file transfer options, file administration, ID/password administration, user friendliness, pay stub delivery/access options, overall appearance of the product, length of implementation, disaster recovery, cost, and financial stability of vendor. NatPay ranked the highest in most of the categories, but stood out as the vendor willing to provide Westinghouse a solution to fit every need, even down to the design of the online pay stub. Karen Kranz, Manager of Payroll and Expense Reporting, remarked:

“NatPay was willing to work with us on all the enhancements we needed to meet our overall objectives for implementing a paperless pay stub solution.”

The rollout consisted of a three month pilot of designated employees from each business location. After two months, pilot users were asked to complete a survey on system security, accessibility, and appearance as well as on the rollout documentation and communications. The overall response was very positive. Comments and suggestions were carefully reviewed and a corresponding action plan was developed. Enhancements were then made by either NatPay to the system or by Westinghouse to the rollout communications and documentation. In January 2006, Westinghouse rolled out online pay stubs to all monthly paid employees on direct deposit.

The number one priority for Westinghouse was for their employees to use a highly secure solution that allowed them to feel comfortable retrieving their information from the Internet as well as being very easy to use. Every cycle of the rollout process was discussed via conference calls and the result was a complete rollout that yielded a favorable response from the Westinghouse employees using this solution.

“The IT Team at NatPay was very patient and resourceful in helping us implement all of the suggestions that our employees had made. Communication was great and the turn around time even better!”

The Solution

Online pay stubs became the solution for Westinghouse. Online pay stubs from NatPay added features that addressed security, employer options, and employee delivery options. Security, being the most important concern, was achieved on different levels. Specific username and password options were added, as well as a controlled website that would allow an administrator to handle password resets without being able to access secure employee payroll information. The flexibility of the employer being able to choose the type of security levels and delivery methods made NatPay’s online pay stubs not only user friendly, but customizable as well. This added functionality also ensured that all business requirements could be met.

Always striving to conquer any challenge presented, NatPay provided a complete paperless payroll solution to Westinghouse which surpassed any comparable solutions available in the marketplace at a very competitive overall cost.

Return on Investment

By implementing NatPay’s online pay stub solutions, Westinghouse projects a savings of $40,000 in operating costs for 2006. Westinghouse has already received a favorable response from their employees currently benefiting from online pay stubs.

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