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URGENT BULLETIN: Fraudulent ACH Activity

Professional Payroll Processors:

NatPay has noticed a group of criminals who have been moving from one Professional Payroll Processor to another in an attempt to defraud them by making ACH payrolls against stolen bank accounts. This group has completely compromised the banks accounts that they are using, and are able to verify pennies and pass most security checks.

NatPay is generally able to catch them if we are given time to properly underwrite the accounts before you try to send us the first payroll.

You are able to protect yourself by doing the following:

  • Do not take new accounts without meeting the customer.
  • Become suspicious when a new customer is rushing you to perform direct deposits. (Some processors do not allow a first payroll to go via ACH, and require checks to be issued.)
  • Become suspicious if all the pay amounts are even, or if the names are similar.
  • Become suspicious if the bank accounts for the employees are over 10 digits long. This indicates a Payroll PayCard. Money cannot be retrieved from a pay card.
  • Become suspicious if all of the employees use the same bank.
  • Become suspicious if the bank account for the business is with Bank Of America. This is apparently where the accounts have been stolen.

If all else fails, please take the time to call NatPay’s Operations department at 813-222-0333 with questions or concerns. NatPay is more than happy to perform the underwriting and notify you of any issues.

NatPay is also preparing an expanded guide on risk management in the ACH world that will be available soon.

Steven F. Pereira
NatPay VP, GM, & Founding Member

HOLIDAY NOTICE: Christmas / New Year’s Day

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 (Christmas Eve) NatPay and its banks will be closing early at 2. p.m. ET. All files and wires must be received by 1 p.m. ET to be processed on time. All items received after 1 p.m. will be processed on Friday, December 26th, 2014.

Thursday, December 25, 2014 (Christmas Day) is a Federal Banking Holiday. The Federal Reserve will be closed on this day, as well as NatPay.

Thursday, January 1, 2015 (New Year’s Day) is a Federal Banking Holiday. The Federal Reserve will be closed on this day, as well as NatPay.

If you have a file transmission that falls between the dates of Friday,December 19, 2014 through Thursday, January 1, 2015 you may need to transmit one day earlier than your normally-scheduled transmission date.

Please review your calendar to see if these dates and times affect you. If you don’t have a calendar, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service via our online form, by email at [email protected], or by calling 813-222-0333.



Veterans Day

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 (Veterans Day) is a Federal Banking Holiday.The Federal Reserve will be closed on this day, as well as NatPay.

If you have a file transmission that falls between the dates of Wednesday,November 5, 2014 through Tuesday, November 11, 2014 you may need to transmit one day earlier than your normally-scheduled transmission date.

Please review your calendar to see if these dates and times affect you. If you don’t have a calendar, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service via our online form, by email at [email protected], or by calling 813-222-0333.

Enhanced Direct Deposit Features

NatPay is excited to announce several new features and enhancements to our Direct Deposit processing systems. These updates include:

• Completion of the Returns System upgrade
• Downloadable returns in spreadsheet format
•  Enhanced system security features
• Improved wire-client management

Returns System Upgrade

NatPay has recently completed the upgrades to the Returns System to boost productivity, and process returns with greater precision.

Downloadable Returns

Beginning 09/09/2014 NatPay will offer our payroll processors the ability to download their returns as a spreadsheet from

If you have returns, a spreadsheet will be available each morning that shows your returns for the day. After NatPay’s first closeout, around 5:00 p.m. ET, a second spreadsheet will be available outlining the resolution details for each return.

Enhanced System Security Features

For enhanced security and functionality, NatPay’s Direct Deposit processing systems now support multiple, unique login IDs for a client’s account. Each unique login ID may have its own password, and varying degrees of permissions set for controlled system access.

Please note that beginning in October 2014, ONLY the payroll processors that are setup for enhanced system security will have the ability to use the Manual Entry feature of the system.

Improved Wire-Client Management

If you upload a file to for a client marked asALWAYS wire, the system will ask you to confirm that this is a wire client. Additionally, you will have the option to change the funding method for this particular file to ACH. Please keep in mind that normal timing limitations apply.

Processors who have clients that OCCASIONALLY wire funds will be able to designate a batch as a wire batch while doing the upload beginning on 09/09/2014.

To see demonstrations of the new features, or signup for those that you are interested in, please contact:

Dawn Cafaro
[email protected]
813.222.0333 x104

New, Wire Transfer Draw-Down Services from NatPay

 Reverse Wires

National Payment Corporation (NatPay) now offers Wire Transfer Draw-Down Services (Reverse Wires) to our Professional Payroll Processors (PPPs).

What is a Reverse Wire?

A Reverse Wire authorizes NatPay to withdraw funds from a PPP client’s account via a wire transfer based on the client’s pre-approval.

A Reverse Wire wire is initiated by the recipient of the funds (NatPay), rather than by the PPP client.

Benefits of a Reverse Wire

Convenience. Once the Reverse Wire has been set up, there is no additional time or effort required from a PPP client for each wire.

Good Funds. A wire, whether Reverse Wire or standard, is considered “good funds” and mitigates risk for a PPP.

Getting Started with Reverse-Wire Services

It is easy to get started with NatPay’s Reverse-Wire Services. Start by filling out the form below to let us know that your are interested. We will then contact you with more information.



Christmas Hours:

Wednesday, December 25, 2013 (Christmas Day) is a Federal Banking Holiday. The Federal Reserve will be closed on this day, as well as NatPay.

If you have a file transmission that falls between the dates of Thursday, December 19, 2013 through Wednesday, December 25, 2013 you may need to transmit one day earlier than your normally-scheduled transmission date.

Also, both NatPay and our processing banks will be closing early on Tuesday, December 24, 2013 (Christmas Eve) at 2 p.m. ET. All files and wires received after 2 p.m. ET will be processed on Thursday, December 26, 2013.

New Year’s Hours:

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 (New Year’s Day) is a Federal Banking Holiday. The Federal Reserve will be closed on this day, as well as NatPay.

If you have a file transmission that falls between the dates of Thursday, December 26, 2013 through Wednesday, January 1, 2014 you may need to transmit one day earlier than your normally-scheduled transmission date.

Also, NatPay’s banks that process bank wires will be closing early on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 (New Year’s Eve) at 4 p.m. ET. All bank wires received after 4 p.m. ET will be processed on Thursday, January 2, 2014. (Please note that NatPay will be open normal hours New Year’s Eve.)

Please review your calendar to see if these dates and times affect you. If you don’t have a calendar, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service via our online form, by email at [email protected], or by calling 813-222-0333.

HOLIDAY NOTICE: Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 28, 2013 (Thanksgiving Day) is a Federal Banking Holiday. The Federal Reserve will be closed on this day, as well as NatPay.

If you have a file transmission that falls between the dates of Friday, November 22, 2013 through Thursday, November 28, 2013 you may need to transmit one day earlier than your normally-scheduled transmission date.

Please review your calendar to see if this affects you. If you don’t have a calendar, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service via our online form, by email at [email protected], or by calling 813-222-0333.

ACH CASE STUDY: A Big Fish Catches a Whale of an ACH Partner

11.04.13 – Big Fish Payroll in Orange, CA. provides Payroll Services, HR Systems, HR Support, Time and Attendance Systems, and other industry related ancillary services to small and midsized employers.

There are ancillary services that complement that offering, but Big Fish remains true to its mission and its clients, by not becoming distracted trying to “be all things to all people”, Justin Dignam, Owner of Big Fish Payroll, states. “There are other companies that are very large and publicly held that can sell you anything you want: payroll, 401k administration, unemployment claims handling, etc., but what the client finds is that this portfolio of services is managed by different people, in different locations across the country, with different technology platforms. The only thing integrated is your invoice!”

The Problem

Big Fish Payroll in order to provide guaranteed ACH Processing for their clients, wanted to secure a proven ACH provider that would eliminate the worry of payday processing errors or delays.

“The business problem we needed to solve was we were reliant solely upon one ACH processor to facilitate all of the money movement we needed to support our client’s ACH and Tax collection and remittance,” stated Dignam. “We are huge fans of redundancy, and our success is predicated upon moving our client’s money safely and timely. A second processor was a requirement.”

Dignam contacted NatPay based on the fact that our industry reputation for maintaining compliancy and proven ACH track record was exactly what Dignam was looking for in a ACH processing vendor.

The Challenge for Big Fish Payroll was to find the ideal provider that was aligned to their business ethic and model in order to offer the services that they needed to accomplish the redundancy goal.

“We needed a vendor who understood our industry and had the appetite for our business model, and who also had the systems and related support infrastructure to accommodate our requirements,” remarked Dignam.

The Solution

NatPay has been in the ACH processing business since 1991, and has 100% accuracy rating in processing client funds. As a member of the IPPA (Independent Payroll Providers Association) and The Payroll Group, NatPay has earned a reputation of being more like an ACH Processing partner than a vendor for many of the association members. Recent banking regulation changes and stringent compliancy audits have caused many processors to look for providers that have strict audits in place to ensure error-free processing and stability in the ACH processing industry.

Several factors stood out for Dignam when choosing NatPay as the ACH processing partner of choice. “One feature that we were seeking was the ability to suspend an individual credit, rather than having to suspend an entire client file.  This was a task that needed to be completed several times a week, and NatPay delivers,” remarked Dignam. This functionality was crucial to day-to-day operations for Big Fish Payroll.

Flexibility in timing options was another reason Dignam decided that NatPay was the partner of choice. “The two day processing window was critical to our selection of NatPay. We move millions of dollars weekly, and we need credited funds within the window we desired to accommodate our internal daily balancing requirements”, said Dignam. “Despite numerous rigid requirements imposed by the banking industry for moving money via ACH, NatPay has been a solid partner in helping us to both remain compliant, while also affording us some areas of flexibility to accommodate our unique business processes.”

Return on Investment

Price is commonly a factor in selecting a vendor – yet Dignam wanted security and stability over lower costs. “While searching for a vendor price was not a factor. Our first goal was to find someone who had what we needed, and who we felt would be a good fit for us and our clients. The price discussion came afterwards. That phase of the project was very fulfilling as we have seen a decrease in our overall fees, while experiencing significant growth to the number of transactions we process based upon our growth”, Dignam commented.

NatPay abides to very stringent underwriting practices that require clients to know their clients. Annual independent audits, SSAE 16 (SOC 1) Type 2 completed examinations, and annual NACHA audits provide clients like Big Fish Payroll the security and peace of mind when it comes to issues of compliancy. The response to NatPay was quite favorable overall from account set up to implementation of ACH processing. “My team has found the NatPay team to be very accessible. It is evident that they balance service to us with their own internal compliance metrics as well as industry legislation. We appreciate knowing that we will not be allowed to do something that can be construed as improper,” said Dignam.

When asked what Dignam has learned from selecting NatPay as an ACH processing partner, Dignam replied, “Don’t wait. Use NatPay. Need to speak to a client? Call me and I will put you in touch with my folks who interact with the system every day.”

PRESS RELEASE: NatPay Provides New Payroll Optimization Service Reducing G&A Costs for Payroll Professionals

National Payment Corporation (NatPay) has recently started offering clients a new payroll optimization service that provides immediate savings by drastically reducing the number of per-item charges that payroll professionals encounter with their banks on an ongoing basis.

NatPay’s Payroll Optimizer service is a huge benefit for many payroll clients that undergo an optimization review to find out if they are a candidate for reduced per-item fees that ultimately reduce G&A costs. Payroll processors currently using MPAY or Millennium software are seeing the optimization process work effectively by having NatPay combine individual credit entries into one entry for the bank. The result is that processors are only being charged by their bank for one entry instead of hundreds or thousands which results in substantial savings for payroll processors.

“WPS Payroll has been using NatPay’s Payroll Optimizer service for 2 ½ weeks, and in that time, the service has reduced the number of transactions clearing our bank accounts by over 1000 entries! Reconciliation now takes much less time every day, and has saved us from paying a substantial amount in bank charges. The Payroll Optimizer service has more than lived up to our expectations. We would highly recommend it to anyone in the payroll industry,” said Andy Telanoff, President of WPS Payroll.

The Payroll Optimizer service is currently available for MPAY and Millennium software users.  NatPay clients using other software packages should take advantage of an optimization review by NatPay to discuss options for optimizing your particular payroll processes to easily save time and money. NatPay prides itself on its abilities to work closely with payroll professionals for an optimal payroll process that’s right for them, and results in lower general and administrative costs now and in the future.

“New payroll services like Payroll Optimizer, continue NatPay’s tradition of providing its clients with partner-like services that originate from client requests. Try calling a bank and asking them to create a service that will save you money and see what happens,” states Jim Hagen, VP of Sales for NatPay.

“Exemplar service for our clients after the sell is of the utmost importance for the entire NatPay team. Timely, one-on-one human support is always available by phone or email so that clients always receive the level of high-quality service that they have come to expect and deserve. We are always focused on improving the NatPay experience for our clients which they appreciate,” says Steve Pereira, VP & General Manager for NatPay.

Direct Deposit Users Likely to Save More According to SWACHA Survey

Dallas, TX, June 20, 2013 –(– While the average household savings rates in the U.S. fell to a near record low of 2.4 percent, according to the most recent numbers released by the Department of Commerce, a new survey from Dallas-based SWACHA, one of the largest not-for-profit electronic payment associations in the country, shows those who save through their employers’ Direct Deposit via ACH program are saving more than those who set aside their money after it hits their primary checking accounts.

According to SWACHA’s 2013 Consumer Insights Survey, 42 percent of those who split their paycheck between two or more accounts through their employer’s Direct Deposit program are currently saving more than one-fourth of their paycheck, up from 31 percent reported in SWACHA’s survey in 2011. This represents a 35 percent increase in just two years. These numbers also demonstrate a significant increase from just 14 percent of those surveyed by SWACHA in 2009 who indicated they save from their paychecks regularly via Direct Deposit. SWACHA conducted its third Consumer Insights Survey in April 2013. The survey, which tracks consumer trends in electronic payments such as debit and credit cards, mobile banking and the use of Direct Deposit was conducted among 601 people throughout Texas.

“Our survey shows that Direct Deposit is an effective saving strategy and we encourage more consumers to take advantage of this tool,” said Dennis Simmons, AAP, president and CEO of SWACHA. “The numbers show those who systematically put money into a secondary account have consistently been better savers than those who wait to the end of month to see what they have left.”

When asked how much of their paycheck is automatically deposited into an account other than a checking account, also known as split deposit, 42 percent reported saving more than 25 percent, 30 percent reported saving between 11 and 25 percent, 13 percent reported saving between 6 and 10 percent, and 15 percent of those surveyed in April reported saving less than 5 percent.

For those who save through split deposit, 87 percent said they have their money put into a savings account, while 66 percent reported they put money into a retirement account, and 24 percent are setting aside funds in a college savings account.

“We hope the number of people who save through Direct Deposit continues to grow and that this will have a positive impact on our country’s the household savings rate begins to climb, which has been declining for several years,” said Simmons. “Direct Deposit makes saving easy.”

About the Survey
SWACHA’s online survey of 601 Texas residents was conducted in April 2013 by Decision Analyst with a confidence interval of 95 percent and a corresponding margin of error of +/- 4 percent. Only those respondents who identified themselves as the person responsible for the paying household bills were permitted to complete the survey.

SWACHA-The Electronic Payments Resource®, is one of the largest not-for-profit electronic payments associations in the country with approximately 1,100 members across the Southwest. SWACHA is the resource of choice for financial institutions and corporations in the areas of education, training, payments system risks and knowledge about electronic payments. For more information visit:

Twitter: @SWACHA

Email Phishing Alert

If you are receiving emails that look like Transmission Verification Reports from NatPay, and you are currently NOT a customer, please note that these emails are fraudulent email phishing attempts. Please disregard these emails, and mark them as spam in your email program. Do not click any links in these emails.

If you are a current NatPay customer, please note that all valid Transmission Verification Reports and other processing system emails ONLY come from the following domains:,,, and NatPay customers should ALWAYS verify account numbers, company names, etc. when reviewing questionable emails.

Email Examples:

Correct “from” email address example:

Incorrect “from” email address example:



Reverse Wires White Paper


NatPay’s new Reverse Wires White is now available upon request. It discusses the intricacies of the subject matter, and how they work in regards to NatPay. Click here to obtain this white paper in PDF format.

Payroll Success Story: Avail Professional Services

Avail Professional Services in Sorento, IL. d/b/a Apex Payroll, provides payroll services, bookkeeping services and income tax return preparation to individuals and corporations. They are a small business that specializes in serving other small businesses.

Avail wanted to offer their clients a turn-key, dependable direct deposit service and chose NatPay for several reasons. NatPay is known in the industry as a reliable and trusted ACH service provider and has a unique system for adding clients in order to provide processing for payroll clients quickly and efficiently.

“We had a new client that required a quick turnaround set up time. A NatPay technical support representative was able to get the client set up the same day,” remarked Amanda J Dussold, CPA.

A key differentiator of NatPay’s ACH Solutions is that the company provides extended processing time for payroll processors across the nation, allowing for west coast clients to process throughout their business day – the same as an east coast client would. “When I was having problems with the file “after hours” – I called approximately 7:30 eastern time – customer service was available to help”, stated Dussold. NatPay is the only ACH Service Provider that is open from 9am to 10pm ET to accommodate file uploads throughout the work day regardless of their location. This is a tremendous benefit to payroll professionals across the nation – especially those who send files several times a day and after many banks and ACH processors have already closed.

Jim Hagen, VP of Sales for NatPay commented that many clients find their way to NatPay simply because of excellent customer service. “It’s a competitive industry and to not offer a quality service or a dependable service – you won’t stay in this business for long.” Other issues that Avail was concerned with in selecting a direct deposit service provider was implementation time and customer support. “One of the reasons for selecting NatPay was the helpful staff and good customer service”, Dussold said.

Timing options were also a factor in selecting NatPay as a ACH service provider (2 day processing, etc.) Being able to process payroll with faster processing. NatPay provides flexible timing options that help payroll professionals work smarter and faster – providing a service that many banks and ACH providers simply cannot match.

NatPay Successfully Completes SSAE 16 Type 2 Audit Examination

National Payment Corporation (NatPay), an application service provider specializing in online document management systems and ACH solutions, is pleased to announce that they have recently completed a SSAE 16 Type 2 service audit examination, formerly known as a SAS 70 II audit, of their services. The audit was performed by a nationally-recognized, independent auditing firm, and was completed in January 2013. Included in the scope of the audit were NatPay’s data input and validation controls. The general controls that support these activities were also examined.

SSAE 16 is an acronym for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16, titled Reports on the Controls at a Service Organizations. SSAE 16 defines the professional standards used by a service auditor to assess the internal controls of a service organization and issue a service auditor’s report.

In order to complete the audit, NatPay management developed control objectives for the significant areas of internal control that support NatPay’s services. The control objectives in the 2012 report addressed each of the following areas:

  • Control Environment
  • Physical Security
  • Environmental Protection
  • Computer Operations
  • Information Security
  • Application Change Control
  • Data Communications
  • Data Input and Validation

NatPay’s service auditor performed extensive testing of the control activities that have been implemented by NatPay to help ensure that all control objectives are met. Following this rigorous examination, the auditing firm was able to issue an unqualified opinion regarding each of the areas described above.

“Our commitment to security is evident by our third examination. This is in addition to other independent audit examinations that NatPay has completed since its inception in 1991,” stated Steve Pereira, Vice President and General Manager. “Our goal is to provide our customers the best possible service with the upmost attention to security that they expect and deserve. Completing SSAE 16 examinations is our proof of statement to this dedication.”

The SSAE 16 Type 2 audit report is designed to provide clients with a certain level of assurance regarding the controls that are maintained by NatPay management.  The SSAE 16 Type 2 report addresses all five components of internal controls, namely the control environment, risk assessment activities, control activities, information and communication systems, and monitoring activities.

Furthermore, NatPay’s management understands the ever-increasing importance of corporate governance, as well as the impact of the organization’s services on our clients’ system of internal controls. The successful completion of the 2012 SSAE 16 Type 2 examination is only part of NatPay’s continued commitment to maintaining a high level of internal control. NatPay has engaged its service auditor in a long-term contract whereby NatPay has and will undergo auditing on an annual basis.

About NatPay 
NatPay has been servicing clients since 1991 as an ACH solution and online document management provider. NatPay provides top-quality data consolidation services as a SaaS (Software as a Service) for online reporting and online data maintenance services to our clients with custom systems. NatPay specializes in meeting client-specific requirements in a highly-responsive manner. From our inception, NatPay has helped its clients with cost reductions from AP/AR to HR and e-statement delivery and management.

NEW: Early Return-Item Notices


Starting February 2013, NatPay will begin providing Direct Deposit customers with new, early return-item notices.

For your convenience, these notices will be sent out during a.m. hours each business day to alert you about any upcoming return items. These notices will also contain detailed information about each return item.

Please note that all return items will continue to be processed normally.

NatPay strives to communicate quickly and efficiently with our customers, and is confident that these new notices will be an added benefit to you, and help streamline your payroll processes.

If you have any questions, please contact NatPay’s Customer Service department via our online form, by email at [email protected], or by calling 813-222-0333.

Transmission Verification Report Updates

NatPay has reworked the layout of the Transmission Verification Reports to make them easier to read, and to provide our customers with more useful information. The same information is still represented on the reports, but the location of some the information has changed as well as some of the report’s column headers.

Please note the changes outlined below:

  1. The total withdrawal amount that was originally shown in the Notes section at the top of the report is now clearly shown in the Transmission Details section below the Notes section.
  2. The Total Deposit Amount is now clearly shown next to the Total Withdrawal Amount in the Transmission Details section.
  3. In the Line Items section, the column titled Deposit Date is now titled Effective Entry Date.
  4. The Deposit Account Type column has been renamed Transaction Type, and now shows the account type, and whether the transaction is a deposit or withdrawal.
  5. Offset Entries are now included in the Line Items section.

For more information please contact NatPay’s Customer Service Department.

How does going paperless increase efficiency and save money? How much does it save?

In terms of payroll, paperless means big cost savings and better security. As one the first online payroll services companies, weʼve seen astronomical savings since launching the business in 1991. Our 35,000+ small to mid-sized business customers nationwide are saving nearly 50% compared to what they would pay for a traditional, paper-intensive payroll provider.

“Accountants using Direct Deposit Plus and online pay stubs can create an incremental $500 to $1,000 per year per client by adopting a paperless payroll”, stated Mark Williams, NatPay’s Marketing Director.

We should replace the term “paperless” with “document management” since not all paperless solutions are document management systems. In most cases, the greatest efficiency gain from any document management system should be the dramatic reduction in time spent retrieving documents.

It is a well-known fact that staff spends as much as 30 minutes per day searching for lost or misfiled documents. In addition, a comprehensive document management system should provide the tools to reduce engagement time, improve client service, and cut paper, printing, and copier costs significantly.

Doculivery clients using our SaaS (Software as a service) application have saved time and money in multiple ways—in preparing payroll and tax forms and reports and more efficient workflows in general. ROI for some Doculivery clients can range  between 200% and 400% – most often with first year ROI paying for the solution.

Contact us today at 800-284-0113 to find out your cost savings when adopting a paperless solution.

TESTIMONIAL: Many thanks to Jonathan and Elissa for helping me solve my payroll problem.

Many thanks to Jonathan and Elissa for helping me solve my payroll problem. Your diagnosis and familiarity with DacEasy and NatPay pointed me in the right direction so that I was able to finish the payroll long before midnight!

Thanks again for your patience and help.

Bonnie M.
Update Records Management, L.P.

New Direct Deposit Processor / Client Online Guide

NatPay’s Direct Deposit Processor Online Guide is now available.

This Direct Deposit Processor / Client Online Guide provides Processors with all of the information needed to get up and running with NatPay’s Direct Deposit Distribution services quickly and easily.

In this guide, you will find Direct Deposit features, pricing and timing options, as well as step-by-step setup instructions, helpful hints, and all of the documents that you will need to complete the setup process.

Follow this link to access the guide:

New Quick-Start Guide PDF

The new Quick-start Guide is now available for download in PDF format in NatPay’s Download Center. This guide provides you with the basic quick-start information needed to log in and process your NACHA Direct Deposit files in no time at all via NatPay’s website. Information is also provided in this guide about viewing reports, changing preferences, and using the convenient system utilities.

NatPay customer’s who normally upload a compatible NACHA direct deposit file to or may begin using at any time.

For more information, contact NatPay today for a better way to pay!